Reinventing your style: Fashion to keep on trend in midlife

Fashion trends come and go and if you have found yourself stuck in a style rut for too many years now, today is the day to make a change. If you want to dress to impress and find a style that works for you in midlife, follow this guide.

The Basics

When reinventing your style, you need to get back to basics and find staple items that can be worked around. Many men make the mistake of purchasing a few items they like, which don’t necessarily work well together. Start by building a core wardrobe, either with items you already own or by starting again. Be sure to get selling those unused clothing items or donate to a local charity store. If you are struggling with picking the basics, start with a shirt, coat, some plain t-shirts and a few pairs of jeans or pants.

Be sure these items are a reflection of your personality and work well with your body shape and skin tone. Once you have these basic items nailed, you will look and feel good in everything you wear. Having basic items also gives you something to work around when looking at new clothing inspiration. When purchasing more clothing, think about what staple items will work well with the item so you can imagine how many outfit choices you can get from your new purchase. If you struggle to put outfits together, follow this guide for some handy tips.


The way to dress on-trend whilst still dressing for your age requires a balance. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear fashion trends; it just means you need to find trendy items and team them with sophisticated clothing. Sneakers are a massive trend at the moment and provide a comfortable alternative to loafers or boots. Sneakers can look good no matter what your age, especially a great pair of Fendi sneakers. You can perfect your look with these sneakers, found on SSENSE. Sneakers make for a smart-casual look when paired with jeans, a shirt and an oversized jacket. SSENSE also has other high-end designer items for men.

Break Free from Bland Clothing

Many men in midlife tend to dress in bland colors such as black and white, which doesn’t do much for their style. Whilst having a few block color pieces can work well, reinventing your style is about breaking free of the mold and finding a trend that works for you. Colorful clothing full of patterns is on-trend and with so many different choices out there, you are bound to find some colorful outfit inspiration. Dressing in colors that agree with your hair and skin color will only accentuate your look and leave you feeling a million bucks. Don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd. Color can take years off your appearance and instantly makes any outfit trendier.


It isn’t only about the colors you wear but also the little details in your outfit that can make your look go from middle-age to stylish. There are small choices you can make which will add a lot of panache to your outfits. Look for clothing items that offer bold, sharp lines such as suit jackets. This may be all that is needed to bring a sense of style to your usual outfits. Instead of going for another pair of skinny jeans, why not choose a pair of tailored trousers? Tailored pants are bang on-trend in male fashion and a pair of pinstripe trousers looks much more fashionable than a pair of standard black jeans. If you enjoy the clothing you wear but want to reinvent your style in some way, making simple changes in the details can make a big difference.

Accessorise Well

Once you have gotten your outfits in order, it is time to accessorize. If you wear eyeglasses, finding a new pair can make you look younger. Many leading designers have their own range of eyeglasses, with round frame eyeglasses being one of the biggest trends this season. Eyeglasses are more than just a necessity and if you wear them every day, consider purchasing a new pair that accentuates your face shape. Eyeglasses can definitely be trendy, so don’t miss this trick. Don’t forget to find a signature pair of sunglasses too.

Accessories can make any outfit more modern, especially with the use of a statement watch. Be subtle in your accessories, less is always more. There are plenty of male jewelry options out there such as plain silver chains or tribal rings, which look great on a man of any age. Be bold and adventurous and try something new.

There are easy ways to keep on-trend in midlife without looking you are trying to reclaim your youth and some fashion items look great no matter what your age. Follow this guide if you are looking to reinvent your style.

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