The advantages of being a single mum in Australia

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Being a single parent is no walk in the park. But it's also filled with some great benefits, especially Down Under. Here, single mothers are not just getting by; we are thriving in a supportive and vibrant community. If you are new to this, I got you, mumma. I’m a single mum, and in this article, I will list the perks of being a single mother in Australia.

I might even tell you what my favourite perk is! Join me as I list the many ways single mamas are rocking it, and I’ll show you why raising kids on your own can be a wonderful journey.

Benefits of being a single Mum in Australia

1. Priority access to child support services

In Australia, single mums often receive priority access to childcare support services, which is a significant advantage in terms of securing a spot for their child. Receiving financial support makes a huge difference. Sarah, another single mother from work, found herself overwhelmed after her divorce. But after applying for the Parenting Payment and Family Tax Benefit, the additional income helped her cover essential expenses, from groceries to school supplies. This support allowed her to focus more on her kids and less on financial stress. She even managed to save a little each month, which she used for special outings with her children. These programs allow single mums to create wonderful memories with their kids without worrying about money.

2. Government support

We all know that, aside from emotional struggles, being a single mum also comes with financial challenges. However, there are several Australian organisations offering financial assistance to help us lighten the load. Here are some agencies that could help:

  • Centrelink - A government agency that offers various payments and benefits to assist with the cost of living. Including Parenting Payment Single (PPS), Family Tax Benefit, and Child Care Subsidy, rent assistance, among others.
  • National Debt Helpline - Provides financial counselling and support to help single parents manage debt and financial difficulties.
  • Council of Single Mothers and their Children - Provides specialist support services to single mothers in Victoria, including assistance with Centrelink payments, housing, work and study, and parenting arrangements.

Eligibility criteria

To access these benefits, single mums need to meet certain criteria. Typically, you must have a low income and be the primary carer for your kids. The application process is pretty straightforward. It involves filling up forms where you provide information about your financial situation and family setup. It might seem like a lot at first, but it’s designed so that the support goes to those who need it most.

3. Single parenting flexibility and independence

Being a single mother means you get to be the ultimate decision-maker, which is my favourite perk of being a solo mama. Want to have pizza for dinner? Sure, why not? Feel like taking a spontaneous trip to the beach? Pack up the kids and go! You set the rules, and you get to break them, too. This applies to your children’s education, daily routines, and even financial priorities. Adapting to your kiddo’s needs without lengthy discussions with your ex is incredibly liberating. It allows you to decide based on what works best for you and your children. 

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4. Stronger bond and emotional connection within a single-parent family

Single mamas often find themselves wearing many hats – parent, friend, teacher, and confidant. This means every day is filled with chances to connect with our children. When I became a single mother, I developed a stronger bond with my kids. We shared and spent quality time whenever we could. We turned making dinner together into cooking-slash-variety shows. Even the daily drive to school became mini karaoke concerts where everyone sang their heart out. These moments are the glue that holds our relationship together. That bond also allows us to connect more emotionally with our kids. Without another adult to lean on, you and your kids become each other’s greatest allies. They see you at your best and your worst, and you see them the same way. 

5. Empowerment and resilience of single mothers

Becoming a solo mama does not make you weaker. Instead, it gives you the chance to be empowered and resilient. We can do it in countless ways, even the small ones. The first lesson I learned after being a single mum is relying on my resourcefulness. Every day brings new challenges, and single mums become adept at solving problems on the fly. We embrace new skills, from financial planning to DIY home repairs, and we become extremely capable because we can only rely on ourselves. Many single mothers also pursue higher education or training to get better opportunities for themselves and their children.

Examples of successful single mums

There are countless stories of single mamas who have succeeded in life. Like J.K. Rowling, who got divorced after suffering from domestic abuse. She struggled to finish her novel while taking care of her infant daughter by herself. Her journey from living on welfare to creating the Harry Potter empire is a testament to what single mothers can achieve with perseverance. Or Taraji P. Henson, who had to raise her son alone after her husband died. She worked tirelessly and took on any role she could until her breakthrough in Hollywood. Today, she’s an acclaimed actress and a beacon of inspiration for single mothers everywhere.

Summary: Perks of Single Motherhood

Being a single mum comes with benefits that make the journey both rewarding and empowering. The flexibility to create your own rules, the chance to nurture an incredible emotional connection, and the opportunity to grow stronger and more resilient every day are just a few of my favourites. These perks often get overshadowed by the challenges.

So, while the road might be bumpy at times, it’s also filled with countless beautiful, laugh-out-loud moments that make the ride truly special. Yes, every single mother encounters challenges along the way, but remember that you are strong, capable, and not alone. There is an entire single mum community going through the same experiences. Ready to help you the best they can. Most of all, embrace the adventure because being a single mum means being a superhero in your own right. So hold your head high because you got this! 

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