Practical Tips for Stocking Up on Newborn Essentials

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Mums, are you ready for your baby? There’s nothing like the excitement and expectancy of preparing for your newborn. Yet it’s common for new parents to feel like they’re not prepared enough. It’s also possible to go overboard and buy things that you’re probably never going to use.  

We understand you just want everything to be perfect for your new little bundle of joy. Wouldn't you rather spend your money where it really matters and save the rest? So, to help you along your way when planning and purchasing all things baby-related, we’ve put together some practical tips for stocking up on all the newborn essentials. 

Tip 1: Create a checklist

To kick things off, we’d suggest making a checklist of all the essential things you need for your newborn. Then everything you want to get for them. Under essentials, you’d need to include all the important items, such as clothing, feeding supplies, diapers, nursery equipment, and any healthcare items they may need. Under wants, include the things you might want for them or yourself, i.e. all the fun, pretty and cool stuff to make the process more comfortable.

Tip 2: Separate the essentials from the non-essentials

Separating the essentials and non-essentials can be tough because some non-essentials might seem like they are completely necessary. By separating them, you’re not saying you’ll never get it; you’re just prioritising other, more important items for your newborn.

A great way to separate the essentials from the non-essentials is to organise your checklist from the top priority to the lowest. For instance, nappies are essential, but a super cute outfit isn’t. Thus the nappies would be higher on the list than outfits. 

Tip 3: Set up a budget for your newborn essentials

Having a budget and sticking to it is often challenging for new parents. We just want to get our kids anything and everything that’ll make their arrival more comfortable and memorable. 

That said, sticking to your budget is the only way you’re going to prioritise the essentials over the wants. We suggest doing a little digging! Check how much your essentials cost online and then budget accordingly.  

Tip 4: Buy in bulk

The seasoned parents will all tell you that looking after your newborn is a full-time job. Right as soon as it arrives. Some new parents barely have enough time to shower, let alone go to the store. Going back and forth to buy things like nappies and baby wipes is the last thing you want to do. 

The good news is there is a solution; whenever possible, BUY IN BULK. An extra bonus to doing this is it actually ends up being a lot cheaper to buy in bulk. You can avoid being caught without enough nappies and buy them online, too. 

Here are a few items that you’ll go through at a faster rate than you’d initially anticipate. Buy these in bulk if you can:

  • Baby nappies

Whether you’re going to use disposable or washable nappies, make your decision beforehand, but just know that it’s okay to change your mind. The option of what type of nappies or what brand of nappies to use will depend on you and your little one because everyone is different. 

During the newborn stage, it’s easier to use disposable nappies. This is because your baby will have a bowel movement between two to five times a day. Some babies go after every meal. From six weeks to three months old, the frequency of changing dirty nappies will decrease. This becomes the optimal time to start using reusable nappies. 

  • Baby wipes

When your baby arrives, trust us; baby wipes are going to be your best friend. Whether your little one has a nappy change or a dirty face, having baby wipes nearby helps a bunch. Like with nappies, you’ll need to find out which brand and type of baby wipes works best for you and your baby. Hypoallergenic baby wipes are always a good way to go.

  • Burp cloths

With a newborn, always anticipate needing a burp cloth. So, do yourself a favour and stock up on these beauties before the baby comes, so you’ll never be without them.

  • Dummies

Save yourself the effort before your baby comes and invest in some good-quality dummies. These are lifesavers as they help soothe your baby. Keep some in every spot possible: in the nursery, in your nappy bag, in your bedroom and in the kitchen. Anywhere you need so you always have easy access to a dummy. 

Newborn essentials

Tip 5: Buy quality for your newborn

Some of the essentials are going to cost a lot of money. It may be a little tempting to cut costs where possible and buy secondhand or cheap. This is okay for some items, but when it comes to cots, travel systems and prams, it’s best to buy new ones and not skimp on the price. 

But buying the most expensive items also doesn’t mean you’re buying good quality. Before you buy something as essential as a pram, ensure you’ve done your research. Check out as many reviews as possible so you know exactly what you’re investing in. Sites like Baby Toddler Kids give authentic and insightful reviews from experts to help you find the best pram for your needs and budget.  

Tip 6: Create a baby registry

The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a kid, and if you want to be prepared and ensure you have all the essentials, get all your friends and family involved. 

The norm is for good friends or family members to throw a baby shower for the expecting parents to spoil and help them prepare. People will usually give you many essentials, but don’t be afraid to be specific about your needs. Creating a baby registry is the perfect way to let everyone know what your needs and preferences are. 

Tip 7: Be flexible

Every baby is different, so don’t be surprised when they don't like certain items or are more sensitive to certain baby products. Here’s where you need to be flexible and understanding. Like us, even newborns can respond differently to items, fabrics, and experiences. 

For example, maybe your baby isn’t latching properly to you, and you need to use bottles. While you may have already gone out and bought all the bottles and done the research beforehand, they might not latch to those either. It takes patience and perseverance to find the perfect match. There’s no need to worry or grumble when this happens. Just move along until you find what does work for them. 

Tip 10: Don’t forget about self-care

When your newborn arrives, your whole world suddenly revolves around being there for them. The maternal instinct kicks in as you realise you are their sole provider and their little life depends on you. While you’ll find out just how far you can push yourself while being sleep-deprived, it’s vital to look after yourself as well. 

Self-care is going to look a little different compared to what it was prior to the baby, with spa treatments and chocolates, but now you’ll find absolute bliss when using a silver nipple shield or getting out of the house for a short walk or gym session. The point is, to look after your newborn best, you also need to ensure you have your essentials. Here are some things moms should have before your newborn arrives: 

  • Nipple cream 

Don’t forget to stock up on nipple cream because once you’re breastfeeding (should you choose to), this stuff is going to save your nipples. With feeding on demand, approximately every one to three hours, your nipples will be cracked and achy, and nipple cream will help bring some relief. 

Self care for mums with newborns
  • Silver nipple shields 

Before you start breastfeeding or pumping, it might seem optional, but once you’re in the thick of it, silver nipple shields will feel like a dream. They work well to protect your nipples thanks to their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. They also help to position your nipple to help your baby latch properly. 

  • Tissue oil

Your body has adapted so much to prepare to bring a new life into the world, especially your skin. So, look after it all through your pregnancy and postpartum. While stretchmarks are primarily hereditary, you can help minimise them by keeping your skin moisturised with good-quality tissue oil. 

  • Nursing pillow

When your newborn needs to be fed almost every hour, you’ll be awake at odd times of the night in a feeding position. A nursing pillow provides you and your baby with the right support for the best feeding positions so you both feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

Final Thoughts on Newborn Essentials

Having a child can sometimes be an overwhelming experience for most parents; it’s normal. In the end, parents all say the same thing: having a baby was the best thing that happened to them. Remember that a prepared parent is a happy parent. We hope these practical tips make stocking up for your newborn a breeze, and we wish you all the best!

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