Things to do before leaving your rented home

Moving out checklist: Things to do before leaving your rented home

So, you have found an awesome new property to call home and it is finally the right time to move out of your rental. What next? Maybe you have hired a mover and may have started packing already. But, it is often easy to miss out on crucial to-dos while you are in the middle of what can be an extremely stressful experience for many.

Vacating your rental property isn’t as simple getting out with your stuff and leaving the keys behind.

Here’s a list of essentials you’d want to tick off before moving out.

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1. Give your landlord a notice period

Once you have made up your mind about moving out and started making arrangements for the same, it is a good idea to let your landlord know. Not only because he deserves to know early on if his property is going to be vacant soon, but also because you are bound by the contract to do so in most cases. Typically, most tenants are required to send a notice a month before the move out date, though notice period may vary from contract to contract so read the fine print.

This one step will not only save you from undue headache, but also from paying rent in two places if you decide to leave before the lease expires.

2. Keep your service providers informed

Make sure all your service providers have your new address weeks before the actual move. The types of services who you need to notify the change of address includes your bank, insurance provider, gas and electric suppliers, mobile/internet provider, voter’s registration, and tax agencies, among others.

3. Forward your mail

In extension to the previous point, forward your mail while you notify others of your move. Failing to do this on time will have you chasing your bills and important documents right after you have moved to the new address.

Even after you have done your best to inform about your change of address, an odd mail or two could still land at your old address from time to time. Leave your forwarding address with your agent so they can send them to you, just in case one of them arrives.

4. Cancel your subscriptions

You may be subscribed to newspapers, magazines or online stores. You could cancel your subscriptions with these services or change your address to ensure that you keep receiving the subscribed items in your new home address.

5. Fix and clean up

This is, by far, is the biggest task involved when you are moving out. Getting your full bond refunded requires you to follow the end of lease terms as outlined in your contract. This includes sending out notice beforehand, repairing any damage that may have occurred during your stay, and cleaning the property before you leave.

Given the stress and the thousands of other chores you will be dealing with during this time, it often pays off to hiring professional house cleaning services instead of taking up the job yourself. Plus, professional cleaners who are experienced in end-of-lease cleaning go the extra mile to achieve the level of cleanliness as it was in at the beginning of the tenancy. Speaking of professional house cleaning Hobart has many reliable companies to offer.

6. Finding Help

Depending on how much belongings you have, getting them to your new home could be a huge aspect of your move. Of course, enlisting the help of friends is always an option. Offer to provide some drinks, and maybe some lunch and you might have some helpful friends who can help you transport and carry some boxes. A more trustworthy approach would be to use a moving service like Muval to find removalists to take care of the job.

7. Do the final checks before the move out

After you have fixed and cleaned the place as well as removed your belongings from the property, here are a few important checks to do:

  • Take note of the final meter readings on the day you finally move out.
  • Notify your suppliers that you have left the property and are not responsible to pay for any usage after the move out date.
  • Take photos of every room and corner of the property in case any disputes arise after you leave.
  • Check with your agent if there are any formalities left to complete.
  • Ask the landlord about the date you will get your bond money back.
  • Return the keys to the property, including all copies you might have made during your stay.
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Moving out of a rented property can be an overwhelming process. Following the checklist above should make things easier for you.

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