How to make money with online surveys

Make money online survey

Yes, you can make money from online surveys.

Don’t give up your day job as it’s just a bit extra on the side, but everything counts if you are strapped for cash.

It’s a good sideline though as you can do surveys anywhere and anytime. You need an internet connection and a device – a phone is fine.

I’ve been making money from online surveys for over four years and am happy to share with you how I do it. This way you won’t waste valuable time finding the right survey sites or (worse) take surveys that don’t pay out – it can happen.

Here are my top tips on how to make money with online surveys.

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How to make money with online surveys

Get a system going

I have recommended online surveys to friends as a way to make money but when I ask them how it’s going, they’ve given up. They have done one survey and lost interest.

This is not the way to make money with online surveys.

You need to get organised and set time aside every week to take surveys so you are averaging 5-10 a week. Any less and the payout is poor which will do nothing to fire your enthusiasm.

Set a “survey taking” time and get a routine going so you work consistently to get regular earnings. Taking surveys is more of a weekend thing for me, usually when the kids are in bed on a Saturday evening as it doesn’t take much brain power.

Note: On average, it takes between 10 to 20 minutes to complete an online survey.

Only take the highest-paying online surveys

There are lots of online surveys that pay and while none offer enough to give up your day job, some offer much more than others.

Your time is valuable so only spend it working on survey websites with the best payouts and lots of surveys to complete.

The online surveys in Australia I make the most money from are:

Not only are they good earners but they have lots of surveys available to take for a range of demographics. And, they are all established sites that I consider safer than newbies when I’m earning and withdrawing money.

Getting paid from online surveys

This is another area where many people give up on survey taking. They do a couple of surveys and wait expectantly for the earnings to hit their bank account, like a day job.

It doesn’t work like that.

Different survey websites offer different types of payouts, such as cash into your bank account, a Paypal payment, or a store voucher. You will either accumulate a dollar value or points. The points have a value that you convert to dollars.

There is a limit on how much you need to earn to be eligible for a payout but most sites are as little as $5.

With the more well-known paid surveys sites (such as the ones mentioned above) I recommend organising a payout when you have a significant amount, I usually do $50, otherwise you are creating more work for yourself. That said, getting paid is usually easy and just the click of a few buttons, especially when you get used to doing it.

For less well-known or new survey websites, I’d be taking my cash as fast as possible just in case the site goes down, you never know.

Do lots of online surveys to make money

Doing one survey a month, or even a week, is not going to cut it if you want to make money doing online surveys.

The money is in the numbers. For this reason, I aim to do about ten a week.

To make this happen you need to be present on the survey sites that have plenty of surveys for you. There is nothing worse than allocating an hour for survey-taking only to find there is nothing available for you to take.

Remember, you can’t just take any survey. You have to be in a certain demographic. And you can’t beat the system by pretending you are a 70-year-old guy to answer a survey about life insurance because you provide your details when you sign up.

I have found Prize Rebel and Swagbucks to have the most surveys. Using these sites saves time hunting around for a survey you can take.

Online surveys for money Australia

Refer a friend

Many paid survey sites have a “refer a friend” option which can create a mini passive income stream.

Share your referral link or code with someone else and get paid either when they join or, even better, each time they take a survey.

I referred my 19-year-old daughter, my cousin and a couple of friends who were desperate for extra cash.

The best sites for revenue sharing are Prize Rebel and Survey Junkie.

Paid online survey reviews

I’ve told you my fave sites but there are lots of other paid survey sites out there. Take time to do your research and find the best ones for you.

Make sure you check reviews so you can see what experiences other people have had on the site and what to watch out for.

If a site doesn’t have many reviews, it’s probably fairly new so I’d be inclined to leave others to test it out before joining.

Treat it like another job

My day job can be tedious and most of the time I don’t feel like doing it.

I feel the same about earning through online surveys … but at least I can do it in my PJs on the couch.

Think of it as another job and know that you’ve gotta be in it to win it. So set your time, find your go-to paid survey website and get answering those questions.

Don’t count the cents

If there is one tip you take from this article to make your paid survey endeavour a success it is this …

Don’t keep looking to see how much money you have made every time you complete a survey. It will put you off doing them.

The way to make money doing online surveys is by doing lots and by doing them regularly.

Although earnings can be displayed annoyingly clearly on the sites, I only take notice once every three months which is when I take my payouts.

Focus on the larger earning figures which have accumulated over a period of time, as opposed to the individual survey earnings.

Stay safe

Like with everything we do online, especially when money is involved, there is an element of risk.

Be smart and stay safe:

  • Don’t provide bank details and instead take payments via Paypal or in voucher form
  • Don’t provide your personal email address, set up a new inbox especially for surveys – it may get bombarded
  • Don’t provide personal details (other than the basics at sign-up) on the survey site or the surveys you complete

My final words: Paid for surveys Australia

Online surveys present a legitimate and accessible avenue for earning money from the comfort of your own home. Registering with reputable survey websites and offering honest and thoughtful responses can establish a small and consistent income stream.

While challenges such as competition and qualifying for surveys exist, perseverance and a proactive approach can overcome these obstacles. By dedicating daily time to participating in surveys, you can unlock the potential rewards of online surveys.

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