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Illuminate your garden

Whether you have a whole backyard or a small space, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of having a family garden. It gets you to spend time outdoors, which can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost mental health. But how can you showcase the beauty of your garden after the sun goes down and make it a nighttime retreat for you and your family? It is time to illuminate your garden.

Here comes the garden lighting to enjoy your outdoor paradise at night! And as a mum, your worries could be about complicated installations and additional costs on your energy consumption. 

Put yourself at ease as you can have garden lights that run on solar power or low voltage. 

These lights are durable and perfect for outdoor applications. Not only that, but they are also easy to take care of and some of them can be installed by a mum like you without paying a lot of money to hire a professional.

Here are some of the outdoor solar lights and low-voltage lights you can add to your garden to highlight plants and create a welcoming ambience for a more enjoyable night outdoors.

Decorative Tiki Torch Spike Light

How easily mums can install this light? Well, you can simply stake them into the ground and no wiring is required because of its built-in solar panel. In case you are new to solar lights, they use the sun’s energy to power their batteries and light up during the night. That is how this type of light works.

The Decorative Tiki Torch Spike Light has a candlelight flicker effect but will make your landscape design look modern and attractive when you place it next to your plants. 

What’s more amazing about this light is its Day-Night feature. This means that it will automatically turn on when it’s dark outside and likewise, it will also turn off at dawn. You don’t have to worry about manually operating it when you get busy at times.

Acer Modern Garden Solar Bollard Light

Have you seen a property with a well-lit path and thought there must have been a workforce behind it? You can also achieve that with Acer Modern Garden Solar Bollard Light. You can easily install it with its spike or use screws and bolts to mount it on a surface. Then there’s the fact again that it s solar-powered so no wiring is required and you’ll save on your electric bill as well.

Aside from brightening your yard, solar bollard lights are also used as security lights. You can place it along your garden path or landscaped area. It’s a way to ensure you never accidentally trip when walking around your garden or on your outdoor stairs at night. That’s practicality while creating a welcoming feel in your yard. 

It has a modern design and it is made from polycarbonate that resists UV rays and corrosion. So it is safe to say that the light will last for a long time before it breaks. 

Oben Two Pack Modern Garden Bollard Light

With the same functionality and benefits as the solar bollard lights above but this alternative is perfect for those who want to spend less and get more. 

Eleanor Garden Spot Light with Attached Solar Panel

If you want your guests to see your favourite plant or rose garden during nighttime, spotlights will be your best choice. 

In case you also have trees in your backyard or any other features, they will look more lively and charming with spotlights as it casts a broad light beam. 

This has also a convenient spike mounting that you can simply push into the soil wherever you want to place it. It comes with lighting modes that let you adjust the brightness level depending on your needs and preferences.

High-Output Garden Spot Light with Attached Solar Panel

This is another variety of the spotlight above. But you can’t underestimate the power of this small outdoor spotlight as it has an option for bright white light. So it can increase home security by discouraging burglars or prowlers from trespassing on your property at night.

Another key feature of this High-Output Garden Light is its RGB colour selection between 7 pre-set colours to suit the mood you want to create. 

One thing is for sure, it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden by making it look dazzling and magical with different colours and angles of light.

Rica Round Black Solar LED Standing Lamp with Sensor

You might be a fan of lamp posts, but how about it’s a standing lamp for a touch of modern elegance?

Rica Round Black Solar LED Standing Lamp with Sensor can do that! A sleek and cordless garden lamp that runs on solar energy. The sensor it has is a motion-detector so it will automatically light up when it senses movement. As it stays off until someone or something approaches the area where it is stationed, it consumes very little energy. 

The light shines downwards and we think it’s ideal for a modern garden with a paved path of stone giving your walkway that inviting ambience. 

But mums tend to think of functional use while being aesthetic, then this LED lamp can be in front doors or driveways too! No more fumbling for the switch in the dark when you return home from work or shopping. Simple and easy installation with a spike. It also comes in square shape and other standing lamp models.

There are more stylish and durable 12V Garden Lights to choose from. They use 12 volts of household current and are also energy-efficient. Just a caution, you might need a little help from a licensed electrician.

Adding outdoor lighting to your garden design is an opportunity to make your evenings more relaxing while still seeing the beauty of your garden.

You made it here to the end! So we hope that with this article, an idea sparked in your head on how you can light up your garden with with sustainable lighting and also has taken away your worries about running up costly electric bills. 

Thank you for reading and happy illuminating!

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Illuminate your garden

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