How to grow an edible garden on a budget

Herb garden on a budget


24 July 2017

I love to mix it up with my podcasts, and this one, which is all about how to grow an edible garden, was quite a change from my previous episodes.

And I was lucky enough to find myself in perfect green-fingered hands with the highly knowledgeable Cath Lyons from Tiny Trowel.

Now, Tiny Trowel is something really quite special. It’s basically a crowd sourcing set-up with a difference. Tiny Trowel looks to the wider community to source food plants, services and produce to contribute towards helping in a food crisis. So overall, what they do is HUGE. But in this podcast we are start small and discuss how the everyday single mum can plant, harvest and be suitably rewarded from an edible garden.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Why it’s important to include fresh produce in our diets
  • How much space we really need for an edible garden
  • What items we need to get started, and how to get them for free
  • The pros and cons of seeds and seedlings
  • Resources to support and guide us (and where we can show off our results!)
  • The most common mistakes we make amongst the dirt
  • The wonderful benefits of involving our children in gardening

(Album image from STREAT in Collingwood.)

Listen here …

How to grow an edible garden | Beanstalk Podcast | Pinterest

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