6 Amazing ideas to connect with your kids

6 Amazing ideas to connect with your kids | Beanstalk Mums

Kids are the purest and the most innocent form of human beings. Treat them well, and they will love you unconditionally. Giving the kid the love and time he/she needs can help in developing his/her personality in the near future.

Now, we are all busy with our daily lives, and it is not always possible to spend time with kids, but even ten minutes and a little bit of patience is more than enough to connect with your kids. A small start will be enough to make you understand the pleasant time you are having, which will make you spend time with them more often.  And the kids need it the most as it means a lot to them.

Here are the top six amazing ideas to connect with your kids to help you develop a beautiful bond.

1. Read a story

Kids love stories. Their minds are fresh and can develop beautiful imaginations. So, take a storybook and read it to your kid. If he/she is small enough, reading while keeping them in your lap is a better choice.

Read stories out loud and let them imagine the beautiful world hidden behind the pages. By reading out stories to kids, you can teach them morals and values that they will remember for a long time. Make reading a daily habit, and it will grow their interest in books, and your kid will develop the healthy habit of reading. It is a low-effort work, but the results are really good.

2. Listen to Them

Kids have a lot to talk about, and the person closest to them is you. It’s important that you listen to them when they approach you to talk about something. You may be busy or tired after a long day’s work, but pushing them away because of that is not a good idea.

You can talk with them anytime you want, no matter what you are doing. Listen attentively to kids when they are speaking with you and give them the proper guidance. This will build a bond of trust between you two, and your kid can rely on you.

You can ask them about things that they care about, listen to them when they are sad, and want to talk about it with you. Just a few minutes of your daily life will be more than enough to connect with your kids and form a beautiful bond.

3. Take Photos

Isn’t it great to capture the great moments you had with your kid in frames so that you can look at them later and remember those days? Well, you can take photos of special moments of your kids. The photos can be of anything, playing, on a trip, or dressing up for a play.

You may want to hang them on your walls so that you and your kid may look at them in the future and remember those days. That is why we suggest you use canvas prints that are waterproof and highly durable. There are websites where you can customise your own canvas prints. All you need to do is to send them the photo you want to print. You can also customise different things like size, frame, and edges. These prints are handcrafted, and they will be delivered right to your doorstep.

4. Play with Them

Kids love to play a lot, and most of the time, they need a partner. Also, they have a lot of energy that they need to let out. Of course, you can let them play with his/her friends, but playing with your kid is a good idea to connect with them. Also, some kids may be shy, so they will rely on you, and you must give them the time and companionship they need.

Playing with your kids is really important, especially at this time as the pandemic is going on and we are stuck in our homes. If you have a backyard, you can play catch with them or teach them new things like caring for a garden. You can also play indoor games like board games, tic-tac-toe, hangman, or just play video games.

5. Making and Learning Stuff

A great way to connect with kids and boost their creativity is to paint and draw together, or do some craft or make him/her learn a new hobby. Not every kid has the talent to become an expert at art and craft, but you two can make silly drawings or fold a paper plane, or indulge in a new hobby, like gardening.

These sessions will increase your kid’s interest in art and craft or some new hobby, and they will try them out. This will help them discover what they truly like. Also, these kinds of sessions help relax the mood and converse with your kid with ease.

6. Go Out on a Trip

Going out on a trip is beneficial to you and will also help you connect with your kid. You can go on a long drive for a picnic or go to a beach. This will help your kid relax, play, and discover new places while you will get a change from daily life.

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Wrap Up

Life is hard, and we all have our busy lives. But kids do not understand that. They need someone to talk to, someone to give him/her companionship, to play with him/her. You also need to connect with them to understand them better and make them happy. You don’t have to do anything special for them to make them happy. Go for a ride, read to him/her at night, have a nice conversation. It’s these little things that matter at the end of the day.

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