7 Tips to create a standout profile on eharmony

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So, you’ve uploaded your eharmony profile, but you want to maximise your chances of getting some great matches.

What can you do to stand out?

Here are seven ways to build an irresistible profile.

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Write a profile description

This might seem obvious but consider how many profiles you see that simply have a name and age?

No one wants to connect with a total mystery. Studies show that the more details you share, the better the chance of attracting the right matches.

Include some of your best personality traits, the things you’re passionate about, your hobbies and your relationship goals. Some people are reluctant to state what they’re looking for (i.e., a long term relationship) because they worry it will come across as too forward. But making sure you’re clear on what you’re looking for weeds out any time-wasters and demonstrates confidence.

Describe your values

Having similar values is a big predictor of romantic compatibility. So, make sure they’re in the mix.

If you’re stuck on what a value is, ask yourself this question: ‘what’s important to me?’

It might be a sense of humour, loyalty, financial security or prioritising time with the family. Typically, when we get into relationships with people who don’t share our values, we start to feel triggered. It might be that they fill up their weekend with extreme sporting activities but you prefer doing relaxing things together. Better to get clear on this before you fall in love, rather than after. Because, over time, mismatched values lead to lots of conflict.

Upload multiple pics

For each additional picture you upload to your dating profile you can expect to see an additional 10 per cent rise in interest, according to a one key study of over 10,000 eharmony dating profiles.

Make sure you show a range including a flattering headshot, a full-length body shot and a picture of you doing something you enjoy. Remember, you want talking points.

One thing to avoid is using pictures that feature anyone who could be mistaken for an ex. This leads to a sharp decline in traffic to your profile.

Be proud of your kids

A lot of parents on dating apps hide the fact they’ve got kids because they worry about being judged. But, there’s no point engaging in the dating process if you can’t be yourself.

Over a third of eharmony members are parents, so the chances are if you include a reference to your kids, you’ll attract lots of similarly attractive parents who want the same thing you do – a happy, stable relationship which supports the children.

Post a pet

Dogs are big winners on dating profiles, they guarantee a fur-tastic response!

Traffic to these profile barks…sorry, booms.

Even if you don’t own a dog, you can borrow one for a pic, as long as you’re honest about it when you meet someone for the first time. (Honestly is integral to any dating process.) Dogs are more popular than cats, but any animal is a talking point on a dating profile and your goal here is to encourage more engagement.

Be fun

A good sense of humour is one of the most desirable traits for all genders. So, it pays to say something humorous or self-deprecating about yourself.

If in doubt, ask a friend to help you craft the right funny bones. You don’t have to be a stand-up comic, but you do want to show that any match could enjoy a laugh or two with you.


Studies show that bad spelling is a bugbear for loads of singles on dating apps, with over half of women turned off by typos and a third of men.

It may sound harsh, but would you apply for your dream job with a badly spelt CV? Thought not. Think about what you’re conveying, and put your best foot forward. Avoid confusing acronyms like LOLZ because not everyone speaks the same lingo.

Plain English always wins.

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