Christmas 2019 Gift Guide: What to Buy


To give or not to give? We like work environments that make it easier and pre-organise a secret santa or even charitable donation on your behalf. Depending on your budget, tickets to shows or sports events are pretty safe. Get gift vouchers if you aren’t sure about their taste in theatre or sports teams. Otherwise, indoor greenery is suitable for almost every colleague, succulents are ideal for people who are not known for their green thumbs. Fun or luxurious feeling stationary goes a long way in the office also – even though it may not be uber creative, it’s practical and will get used.


We’re going to assume that you know your buds pretty well, but we like gifts that bring people together. So find a new experience, then book and gift an afternoon or day spending time with them. Whether it’s the new surf park in Melbourne, indoor sky diving, life drawing, a day at the zoo or a cocktail bar degustation, the choice is yours! Be sure to hassle them to lock in a time as we’re busy people and it may end up being next Christmas by the time you get around to sharing your activity together.


If you have them, of course you’ll want to spoil them at Christmas!! Delicious treats, costumes, pet photography sessions or the classic pet toys are all fun ideas. However, your dog will probably just appreciate a few extra walks. And your cat? They’ll already have picked out what they want online and ordered on your card anyway 😉


Photobooks are still in fashion, and these days you can get photos on literally anything. Think socks, cushion covers, mugs, blankets, mousepads, even toilet paper. So why not let them know who their number one kid is by plastering your face all over their home.

Failing this, a hamper of their favourite foods and treats always goes over well for the parents that never ‘want’ anything. You might have your work cut out for you if they are epic cooks themselves. But sometimes it’s an A for effort if you go to the trouble of baking a family favourite, even if it doesn’t quite taste as good as Nana’s.


Don’t forget about your lovely self! Consider taking yourself to a restaurant you normally can’t justify splashing cash on, learn a new skill, or purchase yourself some gift vouchers so you are forced to spend the funds on me-things like clothes. Organise your health by gifting yourself some PT, a hair-cut, yoga pass or even teeth whitening to help you look your best. At the more extreme end of the body transformation spectrum, why not look into cosmetic enhancement for that chin which has always drooped or visible veins on your legs?  Whether it’s a liposuction procedure in Melbourne or fillers in Sydney, it’s best to do some research before you lock in a permanent aesthetic change. So book an obligation-free consult to discuss your cosmetic enhancement needs and give yourself the ultimate Christmas gift.

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