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Top 10 dating apps in Australia 2019 | Beanstalk Single Mums

Online dating is now officially “a thing” and using dating apps is one of the most convenient ways to meet your potential love match.

No longer do singles have to trawl through pubs on a Friday night, or strike up an awkward conversation with a crush at work. Chatting with a stranger from the comfort of your own home is the new normal. In your pjs. Glass of wine in one hand, phone in the other. As long as you can decode a guy’s dating profile, you’re off and running.

With online dating becoming so popular, you may be wondering where to start. Never fear, we have done the research for you. Here are the top 10 dating apps for Aussies, and what to expect from them.


1. eHarmony

When you sign up to eHarmony you will be able to make a free profile. You will even be able to review your matches. However, to get the full experience you will need to subscribe with a monthly membership fee. With a diverse range of ages, this dating app has a mix of approximately 47% females and 53% males. eHarmony has a good reputation in Australia and the advantage of paying for it is you weed out those who are only after a fling. This baby is for serious contenders who are looking for a relationship. The time you put into filling out your profile should result in more accurate matches. Looking for “the one”? You might just find your dream date here.

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Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: $179.85 at $59.95/month
Cost for 6 months: $275.70 at  $45.95/month
Pros: Easy to use, profiles are packed with information, free relationship advice, features add-ons that are not available on other dating sites, safe and secure matching
Cons: Only paid members can view photos of matches.
You will love this app if: You are new to online dating or you are looking for a serious relationship/marriage.

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2. Tinder

You swipe left, you swipe right. If there’s a match you can chat and go from there. That pretty much sums up the Tinder experience. Worldwide Tinder has over 26 million matches per day and the member database is an extensive one, with an estimated 3-5 million people using the dating app here in Australia. This app is popular for the younger demographic and has been known as a “hook up” site. That doesn’t mean you can’t find success here, and the outcome will depend on what you are looking for. Tinder starts off free but there is the option to upgrade to a monthly subscription. Selecting potential love matches by looks may be superficial to some. But, when you take the time to get to know someone online you will be able to determine other areas of compatibility.

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Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: From $21.24-$43.47 (Tinder Plus) and $30-$65.97 (Tinder Gold)
Cost for 6 months: From $42.48-86.94 (Tinder Plus) and $60-$131.94 (Tinder Gold)
Pros: Swipe right/left matching system is simple and fun, more than 3 million users in Australia
Cons: Has a reputation as a casual hook up app.
You will love this app if: You want a simple, fun app for a good time or casual dating (Tip: State in your bio if you are looking for a serious relationship so you are matched with like-minded people.)


In Australia, 53% of people know at least one couple who found love online. 35% of us have already used at least one online dating app. When it comes to dating apps, RSVP is a well know destination where love can blossom. In terms of who is seeking a partnership, this is most suitable for the 25-35 year old demographic. It starts off free, but you will have to invest some cash to get much further. The currency used is in the form of “stamps” which can be used to approach your interests. There are sure to be plenty of matches as this is quite a popular choice with over 2 million members. The website boasts 30,000 new members every month so there is always someone new to talk to.

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Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: $42 (Standout Membership), $60 (Premium Membership) and $168 (Membership + Stamps), Stamps from $5-15 (Pay as you go)
Cost for 6 months: $84 (Standout Membership), $120 (Premium Membership) and $336 (Membership + Stamps)
Pros: Easy to use with a good balance of browsing profiles and matchmaking based on ideal partner profiles, large membership base
Cons: Fewer nearby members the farther you are from a city, you need to pay to initiate conversations.
You will love this app if: You are looking for a serious relationship or just a good time.


4. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish, more affectionately known as POF was one of the first free online dating apps. It began operating back in 2003 and you can message your matches without any financial outlay. POF has a reputation for being somewhere between Tinder and eHarmony. The ease of the app is appealing to those who are busy and don’t want to invest time into extensive profiling. But, there is some space to get to know people through photos, profiles and messaging capabilities. There are over one billion messages per month being exchanged in this app. If you are prepared to filter out the “hey babe, your hot” messages (spelling error intended) this definitely has potential. At no to little cost.

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Free version: Yes
Cost for 2 months: $49.99 at 25.00/month
Cost for 4 months: $74.99 at $18.75/month
Pros: Send messages to members and browse for free, huge and active membership base
Cons: The interface is a bit dated, some profile sections and features are hidden behind paywalls, and personality tests have a timer so you have to complete them quickly.
You will love this app if: You want to browse profiles, send messages and make connections for free.

5. Zoosk

Zoosk has been running for a few years now. But, it is still one of the newer additions to the online dating app scene. That being said, it does claim to have 40,000,000 members worldwide with a span over 80 countries. This suits a mature demographic and by mature I don’t necessarily mean mature aged. I mean those who are looking for something more serious. If you go free, the membership will only get you so far. Premium comes at a cost, and any dating related transactions are done with Zoosk coins. Despite the fees, it is less than some of the others. Plus, there is a smart matching algorithm at play. Having to spend a few dollars does stop those fake profiles and makes for a more positive experience.

Top 10 dating apps in Australia 2019 | Zoosk | Beanstalk Mums

Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: $89.99 at $30/month
Cost for 6 months: $119.99 at $20/month
Pros: Easy to use, photo verification to avoid fake profiles, smart matching, large active membership
Cons: Only paid members can message you.
You will love this app if: You are looking for a serious, long-term relationship or marriage.

6. Oasis

A few years ago, I met my match (now husband) on Oasis but like all dating apps, it can be a bit hit and miss. What you get from the platform is in depth profiles and how you sell yourself seems to matter a bit more. This has a reputation for a slightly older demographic, however judging by their homepage it does range extensively between 18 and 60. It is free, and you can set filters for different ages, locations and star sign. Because we all know that star signs matter. The app can be a bit clunky compared to its competition but the price (which is zero) makes it worth a shot. Depending on where you are located your matches may be sparse. But, you are still more likely to meet the one than if you were searching your local supermarket aisles.

Online dating software 2019 | Oasis | Beanstalk Single Mums

Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: $16.35 at $5.45/month for an ad-free experience, $5.45/Shoutout
Cost for 6 months: $32.70 at $5.45/month for an ad-free experience, $5.45/Shoutout
Pros: Completely free to use all features, profiles are packed with information, ideal for older singles
Cons: Lots of ads on the site, no identity verification system, you have to pay to remove ads or access premium features like Shoutouts.
You will love this app if: You want to make connections for free and you are looking for either a fun, casual relationship or something more serious.


7. Elite Singles

Then, there is Elite Singles. This one is a little bit different as it has a very niche demographic. This is for your professional, educated Australian. 82% of members are university educated and there are 30,000 people joining each month. Each day expect to have a handful of matches, based on key criteria. Things like location, relationship preferences and personality are all considered. They claim to have an algorithm which is constantly improved and there are plenty of platforms to login on. For this to be successful you really do need to hand over some money, but that is to be expected with the word “Elite”. There are three premium services to choose from dependent on how long you want to subscribe for. 3 months will set you back $89.95 per month. But, if you are willing to commit for a year the price is reduced to $49.95 a month. The priciest of dating apps, but possibly worth a go?

Elite | Beanstalk Single Mums

Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: $269.85 at $89.95/month
Cost for 6 months: $329.70 at $54.95/month
Pros: Highly-detailed profiles, comprehensive personality quiz, targeted for an older demographic, verified profiles
Cons: Expensive, you can’t view photos and send messages without paying.
You will love this app if: You are willing to pay for matchmaking and want something long term and serious.

8. Bumble dating app

Bumble has a cute name and has similarities to Tinder. It initially focuses on looks with a swipe right, swipe left function. Once matches are made it is up to the female to decide whether to initiate contact within 24 hours. This is Tinder but with girl power. Due to the control it gives women, it has quite a large female database in Australia. Men like it too because it saves them time in the courting process. Bumble may lack the substance of some of the more in depth options but it does have its place. This may be better for those casual hook-ups and has a very youthful, fun-loving feel. Bumble suits those who are technology savvy, but it does rank quite poorly in terms of respectability.

Bumble | Beanstalk Mums

Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: $66.99 at $22.33/month
Cost for 6 months: $106.98 at $17.83/month
Pros: Empowering women to make the first move, you are less likely to receive unwanted messages due to the how the app is structured, easy to use even for those who are not tech savvy (similar to Tinder’s swipe left/right formula)
Cons: Not enough information on profiles for women to make the right decision.
You will love this app if: You like making the first move, and you are looking for hookups and something fun and casual.


9. Match has been around since 1995. As one of the originals, this is probably one of the most well known dating apps in Australia. It is free to join and browse profiles but beyond that you will encounter a monthly subscription fee. does have a bit of a reputation for fake profiles. However, we do live in the era of online Catfishing so it pays to be cautious anywhere online. Notifying someone of your interest can be done with a wink or an email. This app will be easy to navigate and there is definitely potential for meeting someone suitable. Just note it lacks some of the extensive profiling and matching found on other services. My suggestion…sign up for free and have a browse to discover how many singles there are in your area before committing.

Internet dating | Match | Beanstalk Single Mums

Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: $38.97 (Standard) to $44.97 (Premium)
Cost for 6 months: $59.94 (Standard) to 68.94 (Premium)
Pros: Has the best of both worlds in terms of matchmaking and profile search, browse profiles without signing up, match (money-back) guarantee for premium members.
Cons: You have to pay to send messages, may lack comprehensive profiles.
You will love this app if: You are looking for marriage, serious relationships and even casual fun.

10. OKCupid

OKCupid’s user base keeps growing since it launched in 2004. With a large percentage of active members, singles are sure to find profiles that match characteristics of their ideal partners. The Double Take feature of OKCupid is a roulette-type matching system that is similar to Tinder. This is one of the many key changes the site has undergone over the years. Another is the switch from mainly being a hookup site to a site that offers something for everyone. You can find matches quickly and easily if you want a causal flirtation, hookup, meetup or just someone to talk with. Anyone can send a message, as long as both users like each other. And if you want to stand out of the crowd, the paid Boost add-on feature allows your profile to be highlighted. Overall, OKCupid a great site to find like-minded singles for a reasonable price point.

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Free version: Yes
Cost for 3 months: $19.05 (A-List Basic), $68.70 (A-List Premium)
Cost for 6 months: $23.70 (A-List Basic), 119.40 (A-List Premium)
Pros: Easy and fun to use, free to view profiles and send messages, free dating and relationship tips, large and active user base
Cons: You can’t see who likes you without paying.
You will love this app if: You want a hassle-free way to connect to potential partners, whether it’s a hookup or a long-term relationship.

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