All habits good travellers should master

Travelling the world is something many backpackers have down to a fine art. Often their ability to make worldwide travel look so simple, is what inspires many of us to hit the road and pursue adventures of our own. 

However, not every traveller can simply jump on a plane and expect everything to go flawlessly. From struggling with exchange rates and getting ripped off, to being more than disappointed with your accommodation and even becoming a victim of a crime. With so many potential travel pitfalls, you might want to consider adopting some of the habits good travellers use to make their adventures go smoothly.

Need some inspiration? Read on for habits all good travellers should master before they hit the road.

All habits good travellers should master


No matter where you’re going in the world, you’re going to need to exchange your money and get the best value. Failing to do so can leave you less money than you need and completely skew your travel budget. Many experienced travellers opt for international money transfers from companies like these:, in order to get the very best rate for their money. Comparing international money transfer exchange rates and fees before you go also ensures you get the best deal. Click the link for more information.


No one should expect the worst, however when you’re travelling it makes sense to always consider the worst-case scenario and make plans so you can get yourself out of trouble if a crisis is to strike. For example, no one anticipates falling ill overseas, but having your own first aid kit with medicines and other items can make your life easier. You might not anticipate your wallet being stolen, but experienced travellers always hide additional cash in other areas of their luggage so they’re never stranded.


If this is the first time you’ve travelled, you’ll want to cram your itinerary to the brim with activities and things to see. Good, experienced travellers are more realistic. It’s much better to avoid a travel burn out by limiting your expectations and getting plenty of sleep. Travel can take it’s toll on your body and your mind so getting enough rest is paramount. You don’t have to spend every night partying until the early hours of the morning! In fact, you’ll get a much better cultural experience by rising early and heading out before other tourists do!


You won’t find an experienced traveller strutting their stuff in a Disney t-shirt or sporting beach wear and trying to visit a sacred temple. Good travellers always dress conservatively and mimic the locals attire where possible. This doesn’t always mean wearing religious clothing, just being respectful and blending in as much as they can.


Things often go wrong when we’re travelling. Whether your case has been lost, or you’ve received the wrong meal at a restaurant. Try to let go of the idea that travelling is just as perfect as it is in the movies. Instead, when things go wrong embrace them and try a little patience instead. Reacting to these mini-disasters with humour rather than anger is a much better solution.

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