6 Single mother hacks for entertaining kids

6 Single mother hacks for entertaining kids | Beanstalk Mums

Being a solo parent is a tremendous challenge. Single parents experience a lack of time constantly. They have to be providers and caretakers at the same time. If engaging your kid to cook or clean it is an almost impossible task, this post is for you.

For sure, you can give your child a tablet with dozens of games and YouTube for kids to amuse him or her for some time. However, if you don’t want your kid to be a tech-addicted, grab some great ideas below.

Treasure Hunt

All kids adore hunting for treasures. Feel free to create a map to find a treasure in your home. As a prize, you can use a new toy or candy. If a map with a route is an easy task for your kid, create a more complicated version of the treasure hunt game.

You have to create a lot of riddles and hide them in different places. The first puzzle should lead to the place with the second one and so on and so forth. As a consequence, your kid should find a treasure.


If you have a lot of pencils, colour paper, a glue stick, and other stationery, do not hesitate to ask your kid to create a masterpiece for you.

As all kids like cartoons, you can ask your child to create a new cartoon. It will entertain your kid for a long time as a cartoon creation requires creating a plot and drawing a lot of pictures to animate a story.

Museums and Parks

Don’t like spending time with your kid at home? In such a case, bring your child and go to a park. So that your kid will have fun on a playground or play with other children. Alternatively, you can start exploring museums in your free days.

It is a great way to entertain your kid and learn more about the surrounding nature, history, and other planets. Modern museums try to engage visitors by using present-day technology and sharing interesting facts about particular study fields.

In case you’re a single parent who is getting a higher degree, feel free to pay for homework to get done. It will help you allocate at least one free day to spend it with your child.

Room Decorating

Does your kid always want to enhance his or her room? Allow doing this, but set some rules. For instance, it’s forbidden to draw on walls, but allowed to draw and put pictures on the walls. Also, buy a DIY book to help your kid create interesting design solutions and make the room look more attractive.


Some kids hate spending time alone. To avoid this, ask your child to help you with the everyday routine to kill boredom. Cleaning, washing, and cooking can become interesting and fun if you do it together with your child.

To make cooking more interesting, you can share some cooking secrets or prepare the most favorite dish. Also, you can create your secret dish by combining ingredients without following any recipes.

Fort Building

It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t like building forts from pillows. Therefore, it’s a great way to entertain your child. Ask to gather all the pillows in a home in one place and build an impregnable fort in a living room.

You can also build two different forts, gather soft toys, and have a war between your castles by throwing the toys. It is a very interesting and engaging way to pass the time and entertain your kid.

Helpful Tips for a Solo Parents

Spend your free time with your kid. Children grow fast. Very fast. Even if you’re a single parent who combines work and education, always try to allocate free time to spend it with your child. Feel free to ask your friends, “Do you know whom I can pay to do my essay for me?” if you don’t have even a few free hours a day.

Remember, always stay positive. Your child doesn’t understand the problems of adults and shouldn’t do it. Don’t spoil your kid’s childhood by constantly angry mood. Your kid deserves to have a happy and remarkable youth.

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