3 Fitness tips to survive the silly season

3 Fitness tips to survive the silly season | Beanstalk Mums

With the countdown on till Christmas, it’s a hectic time of end-of-year celebrations, gift buying and holiday planning. We’re all guilty of postponing a workout or two. But, then all of a sudden you haven’t been to the gym all month. Here’s how to keep motivated throughout the holiday season, while still enjoying some time to celebrate.


Add in extra alcohol and a bunch of delicious carby and sugary food, you may find that your waistband feels a little tighter.

First – you are not alone! But second, everyone needs a break and spending time with friends and family is an important part of nurturing your mental health. This is especially if your family makes Xmas together time a tad stressful!

Taking a break from your regular diet and workout can actually be good for you on the whole and a brief training pause isn’t going to undo a whole year’s worth of training. But if movement is your jam, use the period to take up some new physical activities – walk more, take up swimming or make a back yard boot camp for you and your family or pets. Just because you’re not in the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t burn serious calories!

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Normally do a longer workout? Christmas can mean extra commitments and less time to yourself. Instead of a long session, try a series of shorter workouts so you are still keeping moving. You aren’t failing if you only have time for a 20 min session – it’s better than nothing.

In fact, if you’re short on time try a HIIT style workout or class, you can burn the same or more calories than a longer, steady state workout.

Another tip to get your training in when your schedule is looking hectic is to front-load workouts. Try a Monday/Tuesday training time if you normally attend the gym twice a week, or Mon/Tues/Wed if you attend 3 times. If weight training split up areas of the body for each day – don’t attempt to do legs 3 days in a row!

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There is always yummy treats around Christmas and balance is essential in life! So by all means, have some fruit mince tarts, extra chocolate or nibble on that gingerbread house. Although we say moderation is best, these foods can be notoriously moreish and hard to stop once you get started!

Our tips to help avoid complete gluttony is to focus on the day’s intake as a whole – if you have a party coming-up with various tempting foods, have a super healthy breakfast and get all the veggie and salad intake in before your event. Vegetables are notoriously absent in many canapé situations and often heavily buttered or seasoned on Christmas sit-down meals.

Also remember to stock up on protein, especially if you’re drinking. It will help keep you fuller, lessen the hangovers and leave you less likely to reach for salty snacks at the end of the night.

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So, whether you attend a gym and fitness centre in Camberwell, St Kilda or Williamstown, try to keep moving over the Christmas season and attend even a few shorter workouts to help survive the indulgent Christmas period. You got this!

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