10 Coloured flower tattoos to adorn your body

Coloured flower tattoos

I have a thing for flower tattoos … especially if they have a touch of colour.

Not only do flowers make pretty ink art but they are super symbolic. Different flowers have different meanings such as lilies for peace and red roses for love.

You might have a flower which is meaningful to you for your own reasons. My family live on the other side of the world and when I travel back to see them with my two daughters they say we bring sunshine and happiness. For this reason, they have dubbed us the “three sunflowers” making sunflowers particularly special in our family.

Don’t think you have to find meaning for a coloured flower tattoo though. It can be as simple as choosing one you like the look of. The choice is never-ending but I’ve picked some of my faves to share with you.

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Tattoo Flowers Designs

1. Flowery forearm tattoo

Flowers are always in season when it comes to tattoos. I love that you can use florals to celebrate any milestone in your life, whether it’s a new addition to the family or a new beginning. Why not get a forearm tattoo of coloured flowers like this one?

Flowery forearm

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2. Rose upper back tattoo

Some people think roses are overused as a tattoo design, but I think they are classic and timeless, not to mention packed with symbolism. And they look amazing anywhere on your body. I suggest a back tattoo like the one below if you want something small.

Rose upper back tattoo

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3. Peace lilies

Peace lilies symbolise inner peace, healing, and inner beauty. But they can also be a beautiful reminder of someone dear to you who is no longer here. I love the white flowers on this tattoo… they’re perfect for the upper body or arm.

Peace lilies

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4. Cherry blossom shoulder

I’ve heard that cherry blossoms are associated with love, life, and impermanence. I have a friend who got a cherry blossom tattoo after the end of a relationship, a gentle reminder that nothing lasts forever. This is another floral tattoo that looks awesome anywhere you put it.
Cherry blossom coloured flower tattoos

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5. Pretty floral wrist tattoo

Wrist tattoos are super cute and perfect for beginners. I had a wrist tattoo as my first tattoo and while it wasn’t a floral design, it’s similar to the one below. A flower on the wrist is always a great choice.

Wrist coloured flower tattoo

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More coloured flower tattoos that I love

6. Abstract rose

If you prefer a more abstract take on the traditional rose, here’s a tattoo that I recommend. I just love the watercolour effect on the background and the ink splatters.

Abstract rose

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7. Lavender leg tattoo flowers designs

Lavender tattoos mean love, purity, and devotion. And the purple colour is associated with royalty, elegance, luxury and nobility. I think a sprig of lavender would look great on the forearm or leg.

Lavender leg tattoo

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8. Stunning coloured lotus flower tattoo

I’ve seen heaps of lotus flower tattoos and they are always all beautifully executed, like this lovely design below. The lotus can mean many things and is highly personal to the wearer, but it generally symbolises spiritual awakening and becoming a better person.

Coloured flower tattoos lotus

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9. Poppies side torso

I love the brilliant crimson colour of poppies. They are just what you need to brighten a dull day. Why not get a poppy tattoo on your back or torso? This design is perfect for that body part.

Poppies side torso

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10. Sunflowers coloured flower tattoo

Of course, I couldn’t leave the beautiful sunflower off this list because of its personal significance to me. You can go big and bold or sweet and delicate like this ankle or foot tattoo. Great for beginners or anyone who wants something floral and minimal.


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