7 Cutest first period kits we could find (Australia) 2024

First period kits

For a young girl, starting her menstrual cycle is a big deal, often met with a myriad of emotions and possible discomfort or pain. However, it is also a time for celebration. The first step on the road to womanhood. Here, we talk about first period kids to suitably mark the occasion.

The emphasis with these gorgeous gifts is on embracing empowerment, nurturing self-confidence, and promoting a healthy attitude towards menstruation. They typically include menstrual products, informative guides, comforting treats, and stylish accessories that make the transition into womanhood a little easier and more enjoyable.

In this article, we will explore a selection of cute first period kits available for purchase in Australia.

1. Moxie Organics Welcome To Periods

This first period kit offers a wide options of essentials for your girl's first period. I honestly wish we all had something like this back then (even now!). The kit offers tampons, pads, and reusable menstrual cups so your child can choose what's most comfortable for her. It even comes with a refillable tampon tin, intimate wipes, hot water bottle for those unwelcome cramps, pantyliners, and a thoughtful guide book for period first-timers. All packaged in such cute and aesthetic design!

Moxie Organics First period kits

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2. Flo First Period Box

Aside from essential pads, liners, and heat pack, this pretty first period kit also comes with hair accessories, yummy lollies, and a 12-month period tracker and matching stickers so your baby girl can learn tracking her menstrual cycle early on. This one is a simple but complete period kit that your child can rely on when her time comes.

Flo First Period Kits

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3. My Nicker Bot Period Starter Kit

This Aussie-owned brand's first period kit includes a pair (or two) of cute period-proof knickers in their period kit to reassure your daughter for when her first time comes. How amazing is that? It also comes with some snacks, a heat pack, a toothbrush, a fun bath bomb, and a waterproof pouch to store stained undies.

My Nicker Bot Starter Kit

Buy here: My Nicker Bot

4. Teen Emergency Kit

True to its name, this period kit has everything your child will need when the red visitor strikes. I would consider this as a fantastic essential in a girl's school and gym bag and locker. Aside from teen maxi absorbent pads and a concise guide on how to use them, it also includes band-aids, face wipes, individually-packaged intimate wipes, a cute nail file, mint floss sticks, and hair elastics.

Teen Girl Emergency Kit

Buy here: Etsy

5. Ruby First Period Kits

If you are looking for a first period kit that does not only offer the essentials but also aims to alleviate the anxieties of a girl who is meeting Aunt Flo for the first time, this is a kit that could do just that. Aside from pads, period-proof panties, and wipes, this first period kit also includes a stress ball, a relaxing sleep mask, a beauty mask, a lip balm, a bracelet, a diary, cute cozy socks, and more!

Ruby Love First Period Kits

Buy here: Ruby Love

6. The Avi Box

Since your little girl is not so little anymore, aside from giving her period essentials, it would also be great to start giving her big girl products that she can safely use. This box specially made for tweens include lovely smelling shower foam and hair treatment, natural deodorant, colour-changing lip gloss, stick-on nails, and other skincare products that your daughter will love.

The Avi Box first period kits

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7. Girls On The Go First Period Kits

EcoPeriod provides a zero-waste option for environmentally conscious mums and daughters who want to deal with Aunt Flo without adding to daily waste. With this first period kit's period-proof undies and cloth menstrual pads, you and your girl can make that choice. It also comes with a waterproof bag, pretty charm bracelet, cycle tracker, and hot water bottle.

EcoPeriod Girl first period kits

Buy here: EcoPeriod

Final words: First period kits

The journey into womanhood is a significant milestone in every girl's life, and it's essential to approach it with comfort, openness and a touch of cuteness.

We have explored seven of the cutest first-period kits, each designed to provide young girls with a positive and empowering experience.

These kits go beyond functionality by incorporating adorable designs, thoughtful packaging, and educational resources.

Not only is it enjoyable to gift a cute first period kit, is an excellent way to foster open conversations about menstruation and promote a sense of empowerment and self-assurance in girls as they embark on their menstrual journey. With these adorable and functional kits, we can help girls embrace their periods with grace, positivity, and a little extra cuteness.

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