What to expect in the first year after separation

What to expect when you separate

The first year after a separation has got to be one of the most challenging in the life of a single mother. It is a time of huge change and highly-charged emotions. It is something that is almost impossible to prepare for.

However, there are some wonderful resources out there to help you along the way and I was lucky enough to have this chat with Sarah Whitechurch from My Divorce Coach.

Sarah is a trained counsellor with focus on clinical hypnosis and divorce, and her fabulous business is intended to support women going through separation to do so better emotionally, and to be more informed and confident about what the future holds for them.

She is our perfect guide for this somewhat turbulent time.

You can listen to us discuss:

  • What is clinical hypnosis and how can it assist the divorce process (I had no idea!)
  • Where to go for support and tools to get through the first year
  • Where the court process fits in (and where it doesn’t)
  • How to manage well-meaning friends and family
  • Whether dating again is good idea and how to know if we’re ready
  • Sarah’s key words of wisdom to take on your first year

Listen here …

Single Mum Vine Facebook group
My Divorce Coach | Beanstalk Single Mums Podcast

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