What to do if a parent breaches court orders

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You’ve been through hell and high water, but finally you and your ex have got your courts orders approved by the family court in relation to the care of your children after separation. All you need to do now, is follow them. Simple.

Not always.

It is way too common for co-parents to breach carefully planned court orders, which can cause havoc for everyone, including the children involved.

So what should you do if this happens to you?

Enter: Eustacia Yates from Australia’s first non-profit law firm, New Way Lawyers.

Eustacia brings her depth of practical experience and technical knowledge to this chat, where she explains exactly what to do if your ex has breached your family court orders.

What to do if a parent breaches court orders

In this episode Eustacia and I discuss:

  • Common scenarios around the breaching of court orders and why they may happen
  • The importance of getting orders as perfect as possible from the get-go
  • The right steps to take if the other parent breaches court orders
  • A bit about contravention applications and proceedings
  • The consequences of breaching a court order
  • What to do if you are considering breaching a court order for any reason
  • Tips to co-parent with a parent who is continually breaching a court orders


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