How to start an online business on a budget

Starting an online business


24 September 2017

Starting an online business …

I did it. You may have done it. Hell, everybody’s doing it. It’s the perfect work/life balance for single mums .. but it’s often easier said than done.

Cue the industry expert … Michele Elmas, founder of Dynamic Business Women.

With a huge knowledge of internet marketing, social media and business coaching, Michele has a passion for helping others succeed, which I might add, she does brilliantly.

How I enjoyed picking her brains (and adding my own experiences to the mix) on the why’s and how’s of doing what many single mums dream of .. running a business from a laptop.

So don’t just sit there thinking about it, listen to our chat and get inspired to make it happen.

We discuss:

  • The first steps to get started in business
  • What tools you need to start a business (this may surprise you)
  • The highs and lows of working from home
  • How to make working from home, well .. work
  • The most common ways to waste money starting a business, and how to avoid them
  • Why mistakes are OK as longs as we learn from them
  • Oh, and Coco, Michele’s dog, has a guest slot too!

Listen here …

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