Your step-by-step guide to mediation with Relationships Australia

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Have you reached that point in your separation where you and your ex are unable to agree on anything?

It could well be time for you to try mediation (otherwise known as “family dispute resolution”). This is a process by which a neutral third party will help you negotiate mutually acceptable agreements that work for both of you, and of course, your children.

In this podcast, I chat with an absolute expert in this field, Tara Houseman from Relationships Australia NSW who has worked in the family mediation sector for over 15 years and is trained as a lawyer and family mediator. In her current role at Relationships Australia NSW, Tara is the family law services practice specialist and she has clinical oversight of the Relationships Australia NSW family mediation services.

Don’t panic! If you’re not based in NSW you will still get heaps of information from this chat. Relationships Australia is country-wide and although each state works slightly differently we talk broadly about the mediation process and what you can expect.

Your step-by-step guide to mediation with Relationships Australia

Listen to Tara and I chat in this information-packed podcast about:

  • The range of services offered by Relationships Australia to help couples going through separation
  • The family dispute resolution process i.e. what happens and when
  • Eligibility for mediation through Relationships Australia and why it may not be suitable
  • The many advantages to resolving matters through mediation
  • Why it is advisable to avoid family court (if you can)
  • How to prepare for mediation to ensure the process is as effective as possible

Listen here …

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