Learning to let go of the wrong relationship

Leah Shepperd Honour Your Breakup


Not all relationships are right for us. Or perhaps they were once right, but have run their course, and no longer are. There are many reasons why we stay in a wrong relationship. And these reasons can make it hard to end it.

Sound familiar? If so, this podcast is well-worth the 30 minute listen.

I chat to my favourite Relationship Expert, Leah Sheppard from Honour Your Breakup. Leah, also known as ‘The Breakup Boss’, has developed a 7-step methodology for positive relationship recovery, and now writes, speaks and teaches on all things breakup, helping women around the world to use their heartbreak to unlock their own strength, power and beauty.

We chat about how to leave a relationship that is no longer serving you, including:

  • The warning signs that we are in the wrong relationship
  • Why so many of us stay in relationships that are unhealthy and not right for us
  • How to get into the right headspace to finish your relationship
  • Tips to recover from the ‘fallout’ of ending it (even if it wasn’t right, it’s still sad)
  • The biology around your breakup i.e. why you feel like you do
  • Leah’s brilliant ‘Breakup Boss’ playlist to make you feel strong, empowered and that you’ve got this!
  • Whether dating is a good idea following your breakup and what you can do instead

Listen here …

Learning to let go of the wrong relationship | Beanstalk Single Mums Podcast

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Sally Love

About the author

Sally Love is a pseudo single mum author who has been writing about single motherhood, separation and divorce for 8+ years. She has been a single mother for 10+ years and has two daughters, one of whom she co-parents and the other she solo parents. Sally has experienced all aspects of single motherhood from legal, financial, parenting, dating, travel as a single parent, re-partnering and re-building a career. She is an integral part of the Beanstalk community chatting and helping single mothers across the globe, as well as sharing her expertise, experiences and genuine reviews with major national newspapers and appearing on nation-wide television shows.

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