Understanding the biology around your breakup

Biology around a breakup


We’ve all had ‘that’ horrible breakup. You know the one which literally puts your life on standstill? Even the seemingly strongest of women can be floored by a lost love.

How we heal, learn and ultimately move-in is incredibly important. But, of course, that is easier than it sounds.

For this reason, I chat to my official Beanstalk Relationship Advisor and Beyond Blue speaker, Leah Sheppherd from Honour Your Breakup about what’s happening within our bodies during this difficult time. For if we can understand WHY we feel the way we do, we have more control over the healing process.

In this fascinating, fact-filled podcast we discuss:

  • The ‘three stages of love’ and the affect they have on your brain
  • The changes within your body that affects your thoughts during and after a relationship
  • How the chemicals in your body put you in ‘survival mode’ when the breakup happens
  • Actions that will begin and speed up the healing of your heart
  • Why time is not necessarily a healer (but other things are)
  • Leah’s absolute top tips to stop hurting and start healing

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