How to make bloody good life choices

Good life choices


30 June 2017

You know when you just chat to someone, and you feel so comfortable and at ease? Well that is THIS podcast.

My beautiful guest Penny Hall from Penelope Jay brings her expertise and experience to the table, as we discuss (amongst other things ) the importance of life choices. After all, life is a series of choices. And as single mums making these decisions alone or having to communicate with an ex, it can be daunting.

Well, let us put your mind at rest as we discuss:

  • How to be present in our lives i.e. how to be grateful and enjoy the good parts
  • Self freedom living – what it is and how to find it
  • The know-how and secrets of making good life choices
  • How to be free of unwanted life challenges
  • How to know if and when we are ready to make changes to our lives
  • A step-by-step guide to release drama from our lives and replace it with calm

Listen here …

Podcast | Make good choices | Beanstalk Single Mums Pinterest

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