5 Kid-friendly activities to do in Brisbane this summer

Children in summer

Summer is a time for fun in the sun. However, sometimes the Australian summer can be too much for all the little kids. Thus, a mix of indoor and outdoor activities is the perfect way to treat your kids this summer. Summer is a magnificent time to be out and about. You don’t have to face any lethargy and can quietly enjoy the bright days in the summer. 

However, you want to plan your children’s vacation days in a way that they can have many adventures in one summer. Too many activities all at once will have them unable to enjoy their fun. Brisbane is a glorious city to dig up some summer activities in. Your children can have fun all summer long as the city always has something or the other happening, especially once the temperatures start rising.

If you’re not entirely sure what adventures to embark on with your little ones, don’t worry! We have just the response for you.

1. Explore the Wildlife

Kids love animals. There’s no better time to get them excited for animals than the summer. Plan out what animals to visit with your children, and then discover them through Brisbane’s wide variety of wildlife parks, zoos and animal farms.  You can take your children to see Koalas, platypus or even a llama. These parks provide information regarding the wildlife and the history of these animals in Australia.

Thus, not only will your children be entertained, but they will also learn more about the environment surrounding them.

2. Explore Local Parks

Brisbane has many local parks which are perfect for children. They can run around and play here while you barbecue some meat for them too much after their hours of play. Summer is a great time to gather your family together and host a barbecue. Most parks have wonderful playgrounds which can help your children move around instead of being behind a screen all day. It’s also the perfect time to gather all the children in the family together so that your children can socialize and have fun at the park with their friends and cousins.

3. Stop for a Round of Putt-Putt

If you want to get your children well-versed in the wonders of mini-golf, you should stop by for a round of putt-putt at St. Lucia golf links.  The golf courses are situated in picturesque locations and natural landscapes. They also have a variety of levels so your children can navigate which ones they want. You can enjoy this activity with your children. While you’re getting your hole-in-ones, you’re fostering childhood memories which they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

4. Learn Some History at Fort Lytton

Your kids must learn as much history through physical activity as they can. History classes are just so boring, and kids already have a short attention span. Turn things around by taking your kids to Fort Lytton, which was established in 1881 and used to protect Brisbane in World War II.  

If your children are older, you may talk about the extenuating circumstances in which the World Wars came to be and learn about their perspectives as well. For younger children, there is also a cannon-firing and reenactment event. You should check if these are available before going.

5.  Learn About How Food Grows

Australia is an extremely independent nation when it comes to food production. If your children are curious about where their food comes from, you can most likely show them.  Many gardens are located all around Brisbane, where many volunteers will give your children a tour. They can visit tomato plants or collect herbs for planting in their home garden. 

Once they learn about how food grows, you can also ask them to help with your garden back home. Taking care of a plant is also an easy way for you to teach them about responsibilities.

6. Take Them to a Farm 

You can visit many small scale farms by taking a short ride from Brisbane; take your family here for a week. Your children will know what it’s like to live on a farm. It’s an authentic farm experience and in line with understanding where we get our dairy products. Your children might get put off by some of the smells, but it will be a great educational experience for them. 

7. Look at the Stars

If your children are interested in the night sky and staring at the stars, you can take them to the Sir Thomas Brisbane planetarium. There are recreations of the night sky and models of asteroids and spacecraft, which will entertain and fascinate your children. 

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