What to do in bad weather on the Gold Coast

Bad weather on the Gold Coast


The Gold Coast in Australia is known for its sunny, blue skies … but it's not a guarantee. If you're booking a holiday to this popular tourist destination, it's good to be prepared should the heavens open. And you'll be pleasantly surprised as there is lots of fun stuff to do in bad weather on the Gold Coast.

Rainy days can be an opportunity to delve into the hidden gems of the Gold Coast undercover world, unveiling a treasure trove of memorable experiences that cater to all ages and interests.

So, don't let a few raindrops dampen your spirits. Here are some great ideas of things to do in bad weather on the Gold Coast.

Visit an indoor attraction

There are a lot of indoor attractions on the Gold Coast that you and your family can choose from on a grey, rainy day. Your kids will be amazed with the oddities, futuristic maze-like worlds, and holograms of dinosaurs, among others.

These facilities provide a fun and immersive play experience for the whole family. Many guests return to these attractions again and again, so don't be surprised if your family asks you to take them there again, even when it's not a rainy day.

Here are some great starting points for you:

Or, if your kids are adventurous, head on to iFLY Indoor Skydiving Surfer's Paradise for some indoor skydiving and levitating action.

Check out a museum or gallery

It's always good to have a deeper knowledge and appreciation about a place you are visiting. Rain or shine, museums and galleries are perfect venues to learn about art and history, and on the Gold Coast, you're in for a treat.

For example, the Gold Coast boasts of the largest collection of wax figures in this side of the equator (Gold Coast Wax Museum), a vast collection of relics from various wars Australia was involved in (Gold Coast War Museum), and a "trick-art" gallery of optical illusions (ArtVo Gold Coast), among others.

Here are other museums and galleries your family might enjoy love:

Go shopping

The Gold Coast offers a wide range of stores, boutiques, and entertainment that are perfect for the family to spend a rainy day.

Whether you're looking for global brands or local artisans, you can easily find something in a shopping centre. Many of these shopping centres also have cinemas, arcades, and restaurants - so they're an all-in-one family destination to pass time during a bad weather.

Some of our favourites are:

Indoor trampoline parks

Another idea is to have a couple of hours of energetic fun at an indoor trampoline park. It's thrilling and enjoyable, not to mention a great way for you and the kids to get your daily exercise. Take this as an opportunity to release some stress, too!

Make sure to bring extra shirts to change in after all that high-flying and bouncing.

Here are some indoor trampoline parks on the Gold Coast to check out:

Go bowling or play arcade games

Take your kids' eyes off the screen of their mobile phone, and head to one of the Gold Coasts' bowling alleys and arcade centres. You can have a little friendly competition in the bowling alley, or allow your kids to play arcade games on their own. It's a fantastic way for the family to pass time and bond over games and yummy food from the snack bar.

If you're thinking of bowling alleys and arcade centres as a backup plan in case it rains, here are some options:

Catch a movie

For a minimum of two hours solid entertainment where you don't need to lift a finger, why not head out to the latest blockbuster or an independent film at one of the Gold Coast's cinemas.

Choose choose regular screens, VMax screens, or premium lounges with recliners and waiters to bring your food and drinks. Some cinemas also offer discounts for group bookings, making them perfect for the whole family.

Hit up Google for the nearest cinema to where you are staying or head out further and explore some other parts of the coast on your cinema trip.

Alternatively, the Gold Coast also has great theatre productions, so if you're not in the mood for the big screen, definitely check them out.

Indoor mini-golf

Another fantastic way to spend a rainy day is by challenging your family to a game of mini-golf at an indoor facility.

Whether you're seasoned golfers or amateurs, indoor mini-golf is a fun way to be active in a non-intimidating environment. Simulated golf has popped up in various restaurants and bars, but there are also family-friendly facilities on the Gold Coast.

Here are some indoor golf facilities you can take the kids:

Visit a local library

Wouldn't we rather stay in bed and read a book when the weather is bad? But then, the kids.

Thankfully, you and your family won't have to be stuck in your Airbnb or hotel because the Gold Coast has numerous libraries to add to your rainy day to-do list.

Libraries are typically free admission, and you can spend the whole day there. Don't worry about the kids getting bored since most libraries today are not limited to books; they have movies, games, maker spaces (with 3D printers, blocks, and more), and play areas for the whole family to enjoy.

Relax at a spa or wellness centre

If there's one thing bad weather can't stop, it's a pamper session!

And luckily there are heaps of options on the Gold Coast to indulge in a massage, facial, or spa treatment to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Here are some of the Gold Coasts' popular spas but you can easily book into a local nail parlour or high street massage facility too.

For your little princesses, we highly recommend Pamper Parlour in Paradise Resort! They will love the hair braiding room, glam services (face gems, press-on nails, glitter blush) applied by expert attendants. They can even host a small parlour party with sparkling pink lemonade, finger sandwiches, fresh fruits and pastries, and an option for a 90-minute ice skating session.

Explore the local cafes and restaurants

You can simply enjoy your wet-weather day with yummy food and coffee in the array of cafés and restaurants the Gold Coast has to offer.

Take your pick among the Michelin-star restaurants and highly-rated cafés and bakeries. While you'll love the long list of fine dining restaurants in this foodie paradise, you'll also appreciate the kid-friendly casual dining spaces.

For starters, these restaurants have TVs and play areas for the kids so you can kick-back a little and enjoy your break.

Conclusion: What to do in wet weather on the Gold Coast

We hope this article has provided you with plenty of ideas so you can enjoy your holiday knowing that bad weather on the Gold Coast does not have to dampen your plans.

Despite the region's reputation for sun-soaked beaches and outdoor activities, plenty of enjoyable options are available when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Remember, bad weather is merely an opportunity to discover a different side of this vibrant coastal destination. So, pack your umbrella and embrace the unexpected, for the Gold Coast has something unique to offer, rain or shine.

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