No carve pumpkin decorations for Halloween

no carve pumpkin

It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins, but man are they hard to carve … especially for a non-arty, clumsy families like mine. So how can we incorporate the iconic pumpkin into our Halloween decorations without risking a stab wound to the hand?

It’s super easy really. Here is our list of no carve pumpkin decorations to create a hocus-pocus look in your house.

No carve pumpkin decorations using real pumpkins

Paint a pumpkin

Painting pumpkins is so much easier than carving them, and this one is perfect for younger children. Grab some mini pumpkins and latex paints in your favourite colours, then dip the bottom half or top half of the pumpkins in paint. Let dry for at least 4 hours on skewers.

Painted Pumpkins | Beanstalk Mums

Source: Pinterest

Pumpkin Mummy

Next up on our list of no carve pumpkins is the adorable pumpkin mummy. Get a mini or regular pumpkin and wrap it in cheesecloth or white strips of fabric. Leave space for the eye area and stick on some googly eyes.

Mummy Pumpkin | Beanstalk Mums

Source: Pinterest

Pumpkin spider

This no carve pumpkin spider is easy and mess free. It uses black pipe cleaners for the spider legs and black marker for the eyes and mouth. You can also use twigs and aluminium wire instead of pipe cleaners.

Pumpkin Spider | Beanstalk Mums

Source: Pinterest

Hedgehog or echidna

This hedgehog pumpkin works best with oblong pumpkins but you can use round ones too. Stick rows of toothpicks on each pumpkin to make the spikes. Finish off with thumb tacks for the eyes above the stem.

Hedgehog Pumpkin | Beanstalk Mums


Felt pumpkin

The felt pumpkin is another no carve pumpkin that’s super fun to make for younger kids. Grab some coloured felt and cut out shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Use a pumpkin kit as a template if you’re having trouble. Stick on the face to the pumpkin with hot glue.

Felt Pumpkin | Beanstalk Mums

Source: Seevanessa Craft

No carve pumpkin decorations (without real pumpkins)

Pumpkin lanterns

These easy pumpkin lanterns are made of construction paper. Cut 1-inch strips of orange paper in different lengths and staple together to make the lantern shape shown in the picture. Glue on leaves and a stem and you’re done.

Source: Marin Mommies

Pumpkin paper chain

Create this easy pumpkin paper chain with orange construction paper and markers. Cut the paper in half lengthwise, take one half and fold into quarters until you have four paper layers. Draw a circle on top and cut around, leaving about an inch where the folds are connected. Unfold and draw the faces with markers.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Paper Chain | Beanstalk Mums

Source: Paper and Glue

3D Paper pumpkins

These colourful 3D paper pumpkins are so pretty. They look hard to make but they aren’t, and there’s a template you can download from the author’s blog. It’s just card stock cut into 10 pumpkin shapes, folded in half and glued together.

3D Paper Pumpkins | Beanstalk Mums

Source: Hey Lets Make Stuff

Paper plate pumpkins

This no carve pumpkin paper plate décor is a fun Halloween activity for the whole family. Gather everyone and decorate a bunch of paper plates with coloured markers. Bonus points goes to the most unique pumpkin face!

Paper Plate Pumpkins | Beanstalk Mums

Source: Pinterest

For more ideas to keep Halloween simple read: Halloween made easy in 5 simple steps.

Final words: No carve pumpkin decorations

In wrapping up, it's clear that the no-carve pumpkin trend has carved out its own special place in the Halloween festivities.

This ingenious approach to pumpkin decorating has brought a breath of fresh air (and a sigh of relief) to those of us who've battled the gooey insides and stubborn carving knives.

With a palette of paints, glues, and crafty odds and ends, we've transformed these orange spheres into artistic canvases that would make any pumpkin Michelangelo proud.

And let's not forget the environmental nod these no-carve pumpkins earn. By sidestepping the gutting-and-gutting process, we're reducing the number of discarded pumpkins that sadly meet their fate in the trash bin, post-Halloween. It's like giving these veggies an extended lease on life, even if they're a bit less traditional and a lot more bedazzled.

So, as the spooky season approaches, consider embracing the no-carve pumpkin movement. Not only will you avoid the pumpkin guts fiasco, but you'll also find yourself knee-deep in paints, markers, and goggly eyes ... because let's face it, nothing says Halloween like a pumpkin that looks like it's been to one too many costume parties.

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