15 Really easy kids Halloween costumes

kids Halloween costumes

Are you racking your brain for a creepy Halloween outfit for your little one?

Don’t hit the panic button just yet as help is at hand. We’ve hunted down some simple, yet suitably scary kids Halloween costumes that are easy to make and perfect for terrorising the neighbours.

Think practical with your Halloween costume ideas

As wonderful as Halloween costumes are, it is worth thinking about the practicalities.

What will your child be doing in their costume?

If they will be at school all day, make sure they won’t be too hot or cold and that they can sit and move around easily. For trick or treating, keep it bright (dark is dangerous at night) and not too long so there are no tripping-over accidents.

Can you get another wear out of the costume? This will save you a whole lot of time and money. Maybe use it for another Halloween for a younger sibling or adapt it to a book week outfit.

15 Really easy kids Halloween costumes

1. Edward Scissorhands

We love this Edwards Scissorhands costume which looks perfect on this little guy, he really is a mini Johnny Depp. You can keep it simple by using paint or white-out on old black clothes, instead of silver buckles and belts.

Edward Scissorhands Costume

Source: Buzzfeed

2. Black cat

This black cat costume is a hit with kids and parents. Dress your child in all black (sweater, tights, skirt or pants) and a cat ear headband. Then use black face paint to draw whiskers and a cat nose.

Black Cat Costume kids Halloween costumes

Source: Big DIY Ideas

3. Mummies

This is one of the easiest kids Halloween costumes on our list. Cut up a white sheet into strips, dress your kids in all black and wrap the sheets around the limbs. Make sure to leave space so they can take off their pants if they need to go to the loo.


Source: Red Ted Art

4. Ghost

We have another super easy kids Halloween costume here that uses a white sheet. Cut the sheet into a rectangle shape (drape over your child to check for fit), make holes for the eyes and mouth with scissors or use a black marker to draw them.

Ghost kids Halloween costumes

Source: Pinterest

Really easy kids Halloween costumes (cont.)

5. Witch

Turn your little girl into a cute witch in minutes. You will need a witch hat (cardboard, felt or fabric), all black outfit and broom. If you’re crafty, you can make the hat yourself to save a trip to the store.


Source: Pinterest

6. Yoga teacher

The yoga teacher costume is our top pick for last-minute Halloween costumes. Dress your kid up in leggings, put hair up in a bun, and you’re done.

Yoga Teacher kids Halloween costumes

Source: Pure Wow

7. Bat

This no-sew bat costume is a winner. Cut up black fabric to form bat wings and make bat ear triangles with the remaining fabric. Stick the wings to the arms of the top/sweater with fabric glue and the bat ears to a headband. Dress your kid in black and apply face paint if you like.

DIY Black Bat kids Halloween costumes

Source: Five Minutes For Mom

8. Vampire

Kids Halloween costumes don’t get easier than this. Grab some black pants and a long-sleeved top, then stick on a store-bought vampire cape costume.


Source: Sitters


Another Halloween classic, this devil costume is easy to make if you have red fabric and an all-red outfit on hand. You can buy the horn headband and pitch fork online or make it at home if you’re crafty.

Devil kids Halloween costumes

Source: Primary

Really easy kids Halloween costumes (cont.)

10. 404 Error Costume Not Found

Grab a sharpie and old sweatshirt and whip up this costume in minutes…perfect for busy parents! Make sure the sweatshirt or top is light-coloured to make the words pop.

Error 404 - Costume Not Found Costume

Source: Costume Works

11. Crazy cat lady

We absolutely love the costume on this little girl. It’s so easy to copy. Get a child-sized bathrobe and stick on some stuffed animals (cats or dogs preferably) with fabric glue. Finally, set your kid’s hair in rollers to complete the crazy look.

Crazy Cat lady kids Halloween costumes

Source: Pinterest

12. Pippi Longstocking

You don’t need hours and hours to make this adorable Halloween costume. You’ll need a striped top, striped stockings, overalls, and ribbons for braids. Dab on some freckles as a finishing touch.

Pippi Longstocking

Source: Readers Digest

13. Chucky

We just love this Chucky costume that takes no time to make. It’s just overalls over a colourful striped sweater plus a fake knife. Add some scars on the face with face paint or makeup.

Chucky Costume kids Halloween costumes

Source: Pinterest

14. Spider

Look no further if you want a last-minute costume that’s spooky and adorable. This one is made of white felt, black yarn and plastic spiders. Cut a wavy edge on the felt and glue the yarn onto it in a spider web pattern. Stick a big spider on the shoulder for the finishing touch.

Spider Costume

Source: Pinterest

15. Werewolf

The werewolf completes our list of easy kids Halloween costumes. This one is just a plaid shirt, old jeans, fake fur and fabric glue. Don’t forget to stick on the tail in the back and finish up with face paint.

DIY Werewolf kids Halloween costumes

Source: The Happy Scraps

For more ideas to make Halloween easy read: Halloween made easy in five simple steps.

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