25 Gift ideas for young boys (primary school age)

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No longer toddlers and not yet teens, young boys are into everything. The question is: What gift will get you the biggest smile?

We love choosing gifts for little boys as you can get all silly and buy jokey bits as they love, love, LOVE a practical joke. Or try dirty and grubby, think mud, slime or insects. Of course there are the little boys who adore their sports, whether it’s soccer, basketball or fishing. Or the electronics buff who will be content with a toy drone or a walkie talkie set. Ah yes, don’t forget something that makes a big bang as little boys can’t resist a controlled explosion, how about a play volcano or a science set? And, of course we have our quieter boy who loves a good book or a games console to lose themselves in.

The list can feel endless and maybe a little overwhelming. For inspiration and ideas, browse our list of gift ideas for primary school age boys.

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Cool Gift for Boys

Mini Drone

A drone is one of our top gift ideas for young boys. We recommend a mini drone that is easy to control and fly.

Mini Drone | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Big W


A trampoline that’s safe and secure is a must for your backyard. Designs like this one protect kids from metal components.


We found this at: Kogan

Their Favourite Dress Up

It’s easy to play pretend with the right costumes. Iconic cartoon characters are always a winner with little boys and can be re-used for Halloween.

Their Favourite Dress Up | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Costumes

Beach Towel

When it comes to gift ideas for young boys, an awesome poncho beach towel is perfect. Choose from an endless variety of designs.

Beach Towel

We found this at: Temple & Webster

Fishing Set

Teach your children how to fish with a fishing set made for tiny hands. The fishing pole, lures and tackle are kid-sized and easy to handle.

Fishing Set | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Amazon


Give your kids a head start in reading with books and magazines that they will love. Comic books with drawings are perfect for primary school.


We found this at: Booktopia

Gifts Ideas for Young Boys (Cont.)

Smart Watch

Not old enough for a smart phone? Give your boy a smart watch that has call and text functions, a camera, tracker, and SOS for emergencies.

Smart Watch | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Spacetalk

Snorkel and Mask

A snorkel and mask can make swimming in the pool or ocean easier for kids who are still learning. Choose high-quality materials for durability.

Snorkel and Mask

We found this at: Ebay


Young boys will always find a use for a new backpack. Pick a cool design that matches your child’s personality.

Backpack | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Bright Star Kids

Robotic Claw

This kit lets your kids build their own robotic claw to pick up all sorts of objects! It’s easier than you think and incredibly fun.

Robotic Claw

We found this at: EdResources


It’s easier to get around the neighborhood when you have a scooter. Plus, it develops balance and coordination. Pick one that is designed for safety with soft grips, smooth bearings, and a non-slip grip.

Scooter | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Big W

A Tent!

Gifts for young boys who love adventure? We got you. A classic camping tent will keep your kids comfy and protected from the elements.

A Tent

We found this at: Big W

Presents for Boys (Cont.)

360 Degree Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual reality glasses are all the rage right now. Young boys will be amazed to experience the world in 360-degree 3D for the first time.

360 Degree Virtual Reality Glasses | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Gifts Australia

Smart Puppy Robot Dog

Kids want a dog but hate cleaning up after them? Give them a robot dog. It does everything a real puppy can do (and more) minus the mess.

Smart Puppy Robot Dog

We found this at: Crazy Sales


We love STEM gifts for young boys. Get them a telescope has two eyepieces to supersize their view of the world and night sky.

Telescope | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Yellow Octopus

Marble Run

Make marble races ten times more exciting with a marble build set. It's a great bonding activity for parents and kids. Although marble runs come in different designs, a natural colour makes it easier to fit somewhere as an interesting decorative piece once your boy doesn't want it in his room anymore.

Marble Run

We found this at: Spotlight

Board and Card Games

Keep the smartphones off for game night with fun board and card games like Pictionary. Many board games have adult- and kid-level clues so the whole family can join.

Board and Card Games | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Toymate

A Bike

Learning to ride for the first time? A balance bike is perfect. The low frame makes it super easy to balance and build confidence.

A Bike

We found this at: Bicycles Online

Illuminated Globe

This globe lights up and features animals of different countries. Fun and educational!

Illuminated Globe | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Lime Tree Kids

Build Your Own Smart Tabletop Robot

Robotics is easy to learn when you have the right tools. A build your own robot kit teaches kids the basics in a fun and engaging way.

Build Your Own Smart Tabletop Robot

We found this at: Yellow Octopus

Scalextric Set

Modern kits have everything you need to race toy cars indoors or out: cars, race track, hand controllers and power supply.

Scalextric Set | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Kogan

Games Console and/or Accessories

Game consoles for young boys don’t have to be boring. Ones that require no internet or downloads are super awesome. Simply plug into your TV and play.

Games Console and/or Accessories

We found this at: Big W


For little artists who love painting and drawing, a big easel will help improve skills and creativity. We recommend getting an easel where one side is dry erase and the other is a chalkboard.

Easel | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: My Deal

Soccer Set

Get your boys outdoors with a backyard soccer set that lets them play hockey and soccer and practice their baseball/softball skills. Get a set that's made from durable materials for years of fun.

Soccer Set

We found this at: OZ Sale

Giant Puzzle

Like board games, puzzles are excellent for teaching young kids logic and problem-solving skills. A giant connect fours is ideal for the backyard.

Giant Puzzle | gift ideas for young boys

We found this at: Ebay

26. Train set

Young kids love train sets. This one comes complete with a track and battery-operated train. Super easy to assemble.

Train Set in a Tin

We found this at: Yellow Octopus

Final words on gift ideas for young boys (primary school age)

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for young boys of primary school age, the options are as diverse as their interests and personalities.

From mini drones that ignite their sense of adventure to trampolines that promise hours of outdoor fun, and from books that nourish their imagination to smart watches that keep them connected in a digital world, there's a gift for every type of young boy.

For the prankster, consider a robotic claw or a smart puppy robot dog that brings endless entertainment without the mess. For the budding scientist, a telescope or a science set can spark their curiosity about the world around them. And for those who love creativity, an easel or a build-your-own robot kit can unleash their artistic and engineering talents.

Remember that gifts are not just material possessions; they're a way to nurture their interests, fuel their passions, and create cherished memories.

Whether they're into sports, technology, nature, or art, the perfect gift can light up their faces and leave a lasting impact.

Explore these ideas and choose a gift that will bring the biggest smile to the special young boy in your life.

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