Home spray tan machines: Choosing and buying (Australia)

Home spray tan machines

Home spray tan machines are becoming a household beauty item, and with good reason.

Used sensibly, they are way more preferable than laying in the sun for hours which has huge health risks attached. Instead, you can get a natural glow quickly and easily with a home spray kit … all from the privacy of your bathroom.

Remember, we’re talking about tanning at home and not professional spray tan machines which you see in a tanning salon.

In this article we take you through:

  • What actually is a home spray tan machine
  • Different types of kits suitable for home tanning
  • What to look for when choosing a spray tan kit for your home
  • Our pick of professional spray tan machine Australia
  • Choosing your tanning solution
  • Equipment you might need for tanning at home

What is a home spray tan machine

A home spray tan machine is a device that gives you a golden glow at home without needing to expose your skin to actual sunlight and harmful UV rays. A tan machine pumps spray tanning lotion with a chemical called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) through a spray gun onto the skin in a fine mist creating a non-toxic reaction on the surface of the skin which causes it to colour and look tanned.

Unlike getting a spray tan at a salon or spa, a home spray tanning machine is more affordable, super convenient, beginner-friendly and easy to use. You can perfect the uniform bronzed look with a home spray tan machine (and use the device multiple times if needed) without worrying about spending too much money.

Different types of kits suitable for home tanning

There are many different types of home tanning kits available on the market. Here are some of the popular ones:

Airbrush tan machines

Spray tan machines can be HPLV (high pressure/low volume) or LVLP (low volume/low pressure). Both systems are often used in salons but can also be used at home. The HPLV is considered to be more efficient and quieter than the LVLP, which is slower and requires accurate handling for even application. These sprayers are powerful, precise and speedy (you can get a full tan in a few minutes).

Airbrush spray guns

These machines use high pressure to deliver more tanning solution to an area quickly. A compressor controls the airflow but the application can take longer and product can be wasted due to overspray.

Automatic spray tan machines

An automatic sprayer is an enclosed tent or booth for full body tanning. The booth is equipped with nozzles that apply tanning solution on your body. While fast, automatic sprayers are not precise or uniform, and they can be expensive for home use.

What to look for when choosing a spray tan kit for your home

Ease of use/comfort

Choose a lightweight spray tan machine that is comfortable to hold for long periods, especially if you’ve never used a spray tan machine before or you’re going to use the machine while traveling. You’ll also want a spray gun that’s easy to grip and won’t slip and slide as you spray. Make sure the cup that comes with the gun has adequate capacity, not to big or too small. Aim for 2 ounces so you won’t waste solution or need frequent refills to cover your whole body.


Most spray tanners have multiple speed, spray, airflow and temperature settings to make it easy to achieve the look you want. Kits also come with a bottle of spray tanning solution and accessories like cups, hose, nozzles and tent. Compare models to see which is right for your needs.


Check the warranty information for your machine before you buy. Choose spray tan machines made of durable materials that can stand up to multiple or frequent use.


Get a spray tan machine that requires minimal cleanup with zero or minimal over spray. And check the accessories. The tent should be washable and the cups/nozzles leak proof.

Our pick of professional spray tan machines Australia

Minetan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit

For a salon-quality tan right in the comfort of your home with the easy-to-use Minetan Bronze Babe spray tan kit. It has everything you need, including a tanning glove and intense dark tan solution–perfect for beginners or pros alike. Plus, it’s vegan, organic and cruelty-free.

Mine Tan Spray Tan Machine

We found this at: Oz Hair and Beauty

Tan Lite Spray Tan Machine

Tan Lite

Serious about summer? Get your tan on with the professional Tan Lite machine, featuring an ultra-fine mist for even and streak-free tanning. It’s lightweight, quiet and powerful, with controls to adjust the flow, speed and spray. Great for home or travel. We found this at: My Deal

Lycon Lyco-Bronze Professional Spray Tan Kit

Lycon Lyco-Bronze Professional Spray Tan Kit

The Lycon professional spray tan kit is something you’ll find at a professional aesthetician’s office. It’s a powerful spray tanner (with a price tag to match) that guarantees a flawless finish every time. It comes with adjustable controls, warm air for quick drying, 1L of dark tanning solution and ‘sticky feet’ to protect the soles of your feet from tanning spray.

We found this at: Look Fantastic

Alba. Spray Tan Machine Sunless Tanning Kit

Kogan home spray tan machine

Be beach-ready in minutes with the 700W Alba spray tanning machine. It has all the basics plus lovely extras like a powerful but silent motor, heat function,  spare kettle and auto shut off feature.We found this at: Kogan

Choosing your tanning solution

When it comes to getting that flawless bronzed skin, the tanning solution that you use is as important as the self tanning machine.

Here are some things to consider:

Skin tone

Orange streaks are every self-tanner’s nightmare. Avoid this by choosing a solution that matches your original skin tone and base colour, not your desired tan shade. An excellent formula can create a flawless bronze with greens/blues that counteract reddish, pink and yellow undertones.

Skin issues

Do you have skin prone to allergies and other issues? Choose a tanning solution that is designed for sensitive skin like a hypoallergenic and moisturising tanner that keeps your skin healthy while you colour it. A tanning solution infused with oil can help soothe and soften dry skin.

Type of tan

Do you want a deep, dark tan for the beach or a light sun-kissed look for every day? Are you going to be working out or sweating a lot after the tanning session? Is it for a special event like a wedding? Choose your solution accordingly. A long-lasting, hydrating formula is usually best for most people.

Other equipment you might need for tanning at home

Once you’ve got your tanning machine, there are a few items to help the self-tanning process, these include:

A tent

Most self-tanning machines include a portable, leak-proof tent that you can use as a booth to minimise mess while you spray tan your entire body. This makes cleanup so much easier.

A tanning Mitt

Always use a tanning mitt or glove when using a spray tan machine to keep your hands free of stains and streaks. Mitts also help to distribute tanning solution more evenly in hard-to-reach areas.

Feet Covering

This is like a glove for your feet to protect the soles from sprays and spills while you stand in the tanning booth.

Tan remover

To ensure a uniform and flawless finish, you’ll want to remove all traces of previous tan applications before applying a fresh coat. The quickest way to remove a tan is with a remover mitt or lotion/mousse.

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