Tips for embracing college as a single mum

College as a single mum

The college journey is a challenging journey, experience for single mums. You will need to strike a balance between the dual roles of a student and parent. It is an act that demands determination, adaptability, and an unwavering spirit. In the following article, we provide support for your journey to navigate and embrace college as a single mum.

Remember that you can always opt to study from home by opting for a course like the master of teaching online or similar if you are unable to cope.

1. You Are Not the Odd One Out

Multiple single parents are facing similar challenges while attending school. Just as many have succeeded before, you too can achieve this goal.

It is a good idea to connect with fellow single parent classmates, join online support groups, and share experiences. Engaging with peers helps provide comfort, inspires you, and introduces you to new ideas to manage studying and parenthood effectively.

2. Conquer Your Guilt

It is completely natural to feel that attending school is taking moments away from your children. Always remember the underlying reason for your educational journey which is an aim to provide a better life for both you and your children. Think about:

  • The future you envision
  • How life will change for the better post-graduation
  • Talking to older kids regarding your reasons for attending school and involve them in the process

3. Focus On Time Management 

Certain courses might come naturally to you, requiring minimal study time. On the other hand, some subjects might be more demanding and may require extra effort. Make sure to plan your daily agenda to keep on track and determine which tasks should come first 

Being parents means our free hours are limited compared to our peers. Therefore, you may have to end up getting early or staying up late at night to accommodate your kids. The best solution is proper time management so you can easily maximise the productivity of your study sessions.

4. Go Easy On Yourself

Balancing roles as a full-time student, parent, and possibly even a worker can be incredibly taxing. In tough moments where you are juggling too much, it is crucial to reassure yourself that things will be alright and that the fruits of your labor will pay off. Always keep the final goal in mind. Moreover, taking moments for yourself provides an opportunity to unwind, clear your head, or simply cherish time with your child. Try your best to avoid burnouts as this is vital to preserve your well-being.

5. Look for Scholarships 

Relieving financial burden can assist single parents in pursuing or resuming their education. This includes scholarships, grants, and other financial aids like student loans. Consider reliable sources for scholarships and grants in your region. Note that your college website may also have relevant information.

To obtain financial aid, colleges usually require the completion of the FAFSA online. After being admitted to the institution, they will assess your FAFSA submission and propose a financial aid package to assist with expenses such as tuition, fees, textbooks, accommodation, etc. This financial package is determined based on your financial needs and expected family contribution.

6. Opt for Online Classes 

The availability of online courses and degrees at colleges simplifies the educational journey by offering the flexibility to complete coursework from home, without disrupting your personal schedule.

7. Surround Yourself With Supportive Individuals 

A positive support network, be it family or friends, who are ready to assist and stand by you is crucial. Always remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

  • List your objectives
  • Keep motivational quotes at hand
  • Join support communities
  • Engage in discussions with supportive people on Facebook groups

Read on the shared experiences of fellow students in parallel situations to find solace

8. Learn to Say No

Being a full-time college student fills your plate, and the demands amplify as a parent. Regrettably, not all friends may grasp this shift in priorities. They might express disappointment over your limited availability or declined invitations.

Remember, this is alright as your educational journey reflects personal growth and a commitment to shaping a brighter future. Your friend circle may end up narrowed but genuine friends will stand by, cheering on your efforts to uplift your life and your child.

Endnote: Embracing college as a single mum

Embracing college as a single mum brings its unique set of challenges, but it is a testament to resilience, determination, and the unwavering love for one's child.

Make sure to surround yourself with genuine support and remember that every step, no matter how small, will move you an inch closer to your dreams.

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