7 Jobs with flexible work hours that you don’t need to train for

7 Jobs with flexible work hours that you don’t need to train for | Beanstalk Mums

This article about jobs with flexible work hours was last updated in 2021.

Many employees are now offering flexible work hours to their employees because it allows staff to maintain a good work/life balance. In turn, this improves productivity and the efficiency of the business, as well as decreasing staff turnover. This is great news if you are looking for flexible work.

Flexible work hours are handy for anyone wanting to break-free from the hamster wheel, ditch the after-school care and be able to attend a school sports day every once in a while.

Whether you’re heading back to work after baby or wanting to try something new, it may be time to consider work which fits into your life, rather than the other way around.

Here is our list of jobs that have flexible work hours, and best of all, they require little or no training.



Uber driving really is the ultimate job when it comes to flexible work hours. Best of all you don’t need to apply, go through an interview process and land the position. There are some stipulations, all of which can be found on the Uber website, but they are very straight-forward. I am particularly in favour of Uber driving because I did it at a difficult point of my single mum journey. I was on the road and making money I desperately needed within a week.

How to find work: Visit the Uber website for simple sign-up information

Payrate: Dependent on the days/times you drive, around $25 per hour

What will boost my chances of getting work? Once you are on the road there is always work for Uber drivers!


Got an eye for art? That really is all you need to become a graphic designer! If you’re a PhotoShop whizz, then great. If not, get familiar with tools such as Canva and Easil which provide millions of templates and support for all budding graphic designers. You can contact local businesses and offer your services. Or cast a wider net and list yourself on a contractor website, which will promote you across the globe. To perfect your skill set, there are some great online graphic design courses for beginners available at very reasonable prices.

How to find work: Get yourself listed on a freelancer site, such as Guru or Fiverr

Payrate: Rate is usually per project but expect about $30 – $100 per hour

What will boost my chances of getting work? Present yourself with a clever free website which you can create in minutes.


If you are good at writing, you are in a perfect position to earn money with flexible work hours. Website owners all over the world are desperate for quality content to help them rank high in Google, so demand for writers is sky-high. There is a certain way to content write so take a quick online course, and you’ll be set to impress. Content writing will allow you complete flexibility to work within the deadlines of your projects.

How to find work: Get yourself listed on a freelancer site, such as Fiverr or Guru.

Payrate: Around $20 – $80 per hour

What will boost my chances of getting work? Fine-tune your content writing skills and put together a portfolio of your work.


All you need to become a deliver driver or courier is a driver’s license and a clean driving record. With deliveries being made day and night across the country, you don’t have to look far to find a vacancy. Even easier, and if you prefer to have more control over your hours, you can deliver for Uber Eats. It takes minutes to sign-up and hey presto, you have a local delivery job within the hours that work for you. You can even deliver on a bike, meaning you keep fit too.

How to find work: Visit the Uber Eats website and get signed-up within minutes

Payrate: $5.50 per pick-up, $3.50 per drop-off, and $2.20 per kilometre, minus commission

What will boost my chances of getting work? Living in a built-up area with lots of eateries will increase your chance of callouts.


Hospitality is a great option if you need flexible work hours. This 24/7 industry is crying out for reliable staff to cover their relentless rosters. Bar staff and late nights come to mind when we think of hospitality work. However, cafés and restaurants need kitchen and wait staff from early mornings and throughout the lunchtime shift. Although prior experience can help when applying for hospitality work, good presentation and a bubbly personality can be enough to get your foot in the door.

How to find work: Online job sites, such as Indeed and Seek

Payrate: Starting job are around $23 per hour

What will boost my chances of getting work? Great people skills and a high level of customer service.

Jobs with flexible work hours (cont.)


More businesses are favouring virtual assistants, as opposed to in-house staff because nearly everything can be done remotely and it keeps cost down. For this reason, there is lots of work available in the online admin arena that offers flexible work hours. To become a virtual assistant, you only need basic knowledge of the everyday computer systems, but the more experience you have, the more you can charge. Anything from data entry through to book-keeping is part of a virtual assistant role.

How to find work: Get yourself listed on a freelancer site, such as Fiverr or Guru.

Payrate: Depending on the work you do, around $20 – $50 per hour

What will boost my chances of getting work? Having good testimonials and a portfolio of your work.


Do you have the gift of the gab? If so, telephone or online sales could be a perfect job for you. Flexible work hours are available in a sales role whether you work from a call centre or from home. Many call centres are 24/7, or at least open until late at night, but more often people work from home at their own pace. Like with all remote positions, employers expect accountability, but the nature of sales targets make this transparent and easy.

How to find work: Online job sites, such as Sellcrowd, Indeed and Seek

Payrate: The average salary is around $26 per hour

What will boost my chances of getting work? Make sure you have a professional resume listing any previous sales experience.

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Good luck in finding a job you love that fits into your busy single mum life. If you like your current job but need more flexible work hours, listen to our podcast: How to negotiate flexible work hours with your employer (including legal rights).

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