4 Business ideas for single mums

business ideas for single mums

Being a mother is not an easy job, but being a single mother and the sole provider for the family is more difficult than we can imagine. They have many responsibilities they need to look at daily, from their work to kitchen duties to spending time with their children. 

Single mums should attend an incubator crash course to help them get started. There, they will learn how to create a business plan, test-market products, and, most importantly, sell them. Melbourne business brokers can help mums sell their products, especially mums new to entrepreneurship.

If you’re a single mother and are looking for ways to start up your own home business easily, this article is for you. Here are a few ideas that you can get started with ASAP.

1. Start Your Own SEO Consultancy Agency

You can start your own online SEO Consultancy Agency if you learn how to master SEO. There are online courses available that can help you become certified in SEO and Google Adwords.

If you’re wondering what SEO is, it’s simple. First of all, SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and you’ve come across this many times when surfing online. Have you ever noticed when you search online, most of the time, you only look for it through the first page of google? This means that these companies used the right keywords to get their website get found online.

As an SEO consulting agency, your job would be to make a business show up on one of those first few listings, and they’ll pay you. SEO consultants charge $100 – $300 per hour. If you’re planning to take up this business idea, you can easily work from home and create a work-life balance to spend time with your kids.

2. Start Catering

If you have a passion for cooking and baking, consider starting your own catering business from home. Many mums and dads have started catering businesses nowadays but don’t worry about the competition in the market. Make your food stand out by its taste and presentation. Also, customers can never have enough food options!

Catering is an easy business to promote, and you can do this by using social media to start marketing for free. Ask your neighbours and friends who have tried your food to review your dishes on your page and spread the word to increase your following.

3. Selling Gift Baskets

Deciding on what gift to buy can be a hassle for most people. They want to buy the perfect gift to give a friend or loved one, and this is where your business would come in. Your business would be based on designing and decorating custom gifts baskets for birthdays, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other important milestones.

To look for affordable gift options, you can partner up with different brands and include their items in gift baskets. This way, you can work out deals with local companies for coupons while promoting their sample products in your baskets. But don’t go overboard with gifts and keep your overhead costs under control. Go for gifts that you can buy in bulk at a less expensive price.

To further promote your gift baskets, you can create an online Instagram page and website and place your baskets in certain gift stores. Ask your single mum friends to help you out with designing and spreading the word.

4. Tutor or Instructor

Do you like teaching? You can use this skill and become an academic tutor online to teach one or more subjects to students. With video-conferencing or Zoom, you can now teach students anywhere in the world. This way you can teach English to students from other parts of the world. In addition to that, you can go to your students’ homes to teach or even call them home to teach collectively.

Teaching is a very satisfying profession because you’re helping someone improve their skills and adding meaningful knowledge to their lives. You can start by teaching your child’s friends, and as your name spreads, you can start a coaching centre later.

Did You Find Any That Interests You?

As a single mum, don’t think your options are limited when starting a business. Figure out your skills and use them professionally. You can do many options here from home. When you’re your boss, it makes it easier for you to work and take care of your kids. More power to mothers who are juggling many responsibilities alone!

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