The biggest mistakes made in divorce

Biggest divorce mistakes

14 June 2017

This was a great podcast where instead of discussing what TO DO, we discussed what NOT TO DO when it comes to getting your divorce. And my companion for the journey was Rachael Scharrer from Divorce Answered.

Having ‘been there and done that’, Rachael struggled with lack of resources during her difficult divorce. So she did what all amazing women do in this situation .. she created them. Now, through her business, Rachael is able to help many others have a smoother ride.

There is nothing like learning from the mistakes of others, so the topics we discuss in this podcast are:

  • The general process and timings for a divorce
  • The very first mistakes you are likely to make
  • Which mistakes are most hidden i.e. we realise too late we made them
  • How not to use your children in a divorce
  • The the most costly mistakes of divorce
  • How and why to look after yourself during this hard time
  • Actionable steps to start your divorce on the right foot

Listen here …

The biggest mistakes made in divorce | Beanstalk Mums Podcast

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