Basic tax support information for single mums

Basic tax support information for single mums | Beanstalk Mums

The information below includes basic topics in relation to tax. Quick reference links and search information is available for each topic and can be found via

If in doubt, please call the ATO on 13 28 61 and be sure to have your TFN ready as you will be asked some questions for privacy reasons to make sure the ATO is accessing the correct record for you.

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Basic tax support information for single mums

Do you have a TFN?

(Search Term: Tax File Number or Quick Code: 22600)

To be able to lodge your income tax return, you will need to have a TFN. You may find it on previous correspondence from the ATO or possibly Centrelink, or even an employer. If you need to obtain your TFN, you can contact the ATO on 13 28 61 (or your tax agent).

Have you linked your MyGov account with the ATO?

(Search Term: Lodging Online or Quick Code: 40183)

The quickest and easiest way to lodge your income tax return yourself is to do it through MyTax. You will need to link your MyGov account to your ATO account using your TFN. If you don’t have a MyGov account, you can easily register for one at Once you have linked to the ATO, you will be able to easily view/manage your personal details and, of course, lodge your income tax return.

Are your details up to date?

(Search Term: Update my details or Quick Code: 44769)

In order to make sure that your correspondence is sent to the correct address, it is important to make sure your details are up to date with the ATO. You can view/manage all of your personal details (including name, address, contact numbers and authorised contacts) online. For ladies which may have moved or separated since 1 July 2018, it would be a good idea to ensure your details are current on your ATO record.


Do you have all your records?

(Search Term: Record Keeping or Quick Code: 31973)

Start gathering your documentation now. This will make it so much easier to make sure you declare the right income and correctly claim the deductions that you are entitled to. Record keeping is very important when it comes to taxation, especially if you are selected for review/audit and asked to provide copies of any supporting documentation in relation to deductions you may have claimed.


Do you need to lodge?

(Search Term: Do I need to lodge or Quick Code: 51057)

Not everyone will need to lodge a tax return. Department of Human Services will assess whether supplements can be paid or not even without a tax return in most cases. Child Support clients may still need to lodge as well depending on income and circumstances. Use the tool on the ATO website to determine if you need to lodge a return.–2017/

Basic tax support information for single mums | Beanstalk Mums Pinterest

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