6 Secrets to becoming a DIY Diva

DIY for women

Get ready to visit Bunnings, ladies. DIY projects for mums are a great way to save money and keep the little ones busy. Becoming a DIY Diva has never been easier thanks to online blogs and sites such as The DIY Mommy and the holy grail of all things procrastination, Pinterest.

If you think you’re up for the challenge but need a little motivation, take a look at our project picks for mums below. You’ll be a DIY Diva in no time!

6 Secrets to becoming a DIY Diva

Prepare the Pallets

Wooden Pallets are the baby wipes of DIY – they can be used for everything. Ask around in your local industrial area and you’ll be sure to pick some up for next to nothing. They’re great for big-ticket DIY projects such as bed frames, outdoor furniture and bookshelves and can save you a lot of time (and money!). A quick search of Pinterest will bring up a lifetime’s worth of pallet projects that you (and the kids) can have fun building together.

Sew Crazy

If you own a sewing machine or have a Grandma that does, then you can’t go past DIY clothing. If you’re like me and had it stashed in storage for the last decade then you might like to freshen up your skills before you get started. Craftsy have a great range of free online mini-classes that can help you learn the basics. When you get sick of making kids clothes you can try your hand at pillowcases, curtains, quilts and even soft toys. After that, the only limit is your spotlight fabric stash.


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Gifts Galore

People love homemade gifts. Something personal and meaningful beats store-bought stuff any day. Making a gift from scratch also means you can choose colours, flavours and designs you know your loved one will like. Cooked treats are a great DIY gift that the kids can help make and decorate. If you’re not keen on the mess simply send a recipe and ingredients in a jar for them to make themselves. We found 30 great Jar Recipes you might like to try here. Finish the gifts with homemade cards and wrapping paper and you’re sure to keep the Grandparents happy.

Cheap Crafts

Kids and craft are like peanut butter and jelly – amazing, but messy. DIY activity sets are a favourite summer holiday past time in our house that minimise the chaos and maximise the fun. Instead of setting out your craft stash and letting the kids go crazy try packaging them up into separate sets instead. One bag could contain a box of cut up straws and twine for jewellery making. Another might have paper plates and elastic string for masks. You can make special sets for Easter or Christmas and make a list of what you need for each set.

DIY for mums

Budget Beauty

Beautiful soaps, bath bombs, lotions and candles are all mum-time luxuries you can make at home. Have a look for home remedies. You’ll be surprised at what you can create with some natural oils and pantry ingredients. If you can lock the kids out of the bathroom for long enough then it’s an easy way to save money and lower those stress levels. If you don’t have a lock on the door you might like the idea of gifting them instead. There’s also a huge demand for organic beauty supplies at local markets if you’re looking for ways to make extra money.

Stingy Storage

Prepare to hoard all the nappy boxes you can find – DIY storage has just gotten easier. Instead of buying plastic storage containers consider making do with what you’ve got. Yoghurt containers can be used as pen holders, cereal boxes as underwear drawer dividers and pasta jars make excellent money boxes or memory jars. Get the kids involved by painting their new-found pen jars in Frozen colours and chucking on as much glitter as you can find. With personalised storage, the may even keep their rooms clean (hahaha… no, we’re just kidding – this isn’t magic) and at the very least this DIY idea saves you a trip to the recycling bin.

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