20 Simple ways to be a more content single mum

20 Simple ways to be a more content single mum | Beanstalk Mums

Do you feel content? What is contentment? Would you like to be a more content single mum?

The adjective for being content is ‘in a state of peaceful happiness.’ Sounds blissful doesn’t it? It’s something we really want and spend a lot of time searching for.

Yet contentment comes from within. It is a personal thing. And is different to everyone. You may be content with a peaceful evening to yourself, or content cheering on your kids on the side of a sports field. Two completely different activities, both happy and fulfilling to the right person.

Contentment, like happiness, is scientifically proven to be contagious. So if you’re content your children will feel content too. Just think .. peaceful, happy children! Could we ask for more?

The best bit is that it’s super-easy to have a more content life. Small steps, little changes … and to get you started we’ve made a list of 20 simple ways to be a more content single mum.

20 Ways to be a more content single mum

  • Let go of the need to be a perfect single mum (there’s no such thing)
  • BE with your children with no other distractions
  • Listen to feel-good music (preferably loudly … and dance)
  • Live your dreams by working towards your goals

20 Simple ways to be a more content single mum | Beanstalk Mums

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More ways to find contentment as a single mother

  • Accept help and delegate where possible (consider a manny!)
  • Have something to look forward to, however small
  • Seek escapism with a good book or a podcast
  • Nourish yourself with a healthy food program
  • Consider and be thankful for the good things in your life (try a Memory Jar)

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Our final ways to find contentment in your world

    OK, just a few more ideas for you

    • Smile more (it’s scientifically proven to make you feel better)
    • Don’t look back in anger, instead look forward with positivity
    • Ditch the guilt (guilt is typical of mums and it’s a completely wasted emotion)
    • Reflect at the end of each day and give yourself a pat on the back
    • Boost your energy so you feel like you can take on the world

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