20 Signs that you are a damn good parent

20 Signs that you are a damn good parent | Beanstalk Single Mums

As “pre-parents” we have such grand visions. We know exactly the type of mother we’ll be. A perfect one of course!

It’s not until we actually become a parent that the shine comes off our carefully laid plans. We discover perfect parenting is a cruel trick of the media. And in reality, good parenting that produces happy, balanced children is enough.

Many single mothers continually question their child-related choices. The food we prepare. Our level of discipline. Our style of communication. Hell, I wasted 10 minutes yesterday feeling guilty for letting my kids stay up late on a school night (MasterChef was on, sorry).

So if you feel you’re screwing-up your child-raising role, think again.

It’s the little things that make good parents.

Read our list of what makes a good parent and you might realise you rank pretty high on the super-mummy scoreboard.

And, in case you are wondering who I am …

I’m Lucy, a single mum and the founder of the website you are on. I spend my time helping other single mums embrace independence, redefine their paths and be the best they can be, all whilst being brilliant single mums. You can get more in-depth, personalised support from my “You’ve Got This” Single Mum eCourse, which has already been downloaded by 2k+ single mums from around the world.

20 Signs that you are a damn good parent

(As the very fact you worry about it, means you already are one)

1. You don’t compare yourself to other parents, but do what feels right for you and your child

2. You’ve watched a million shows/dance routines/magic acts and just keep smiling

3. You listen to your child, just listen, without doing anything else

4. You are immune to their bodily excretions, however vile they may seem to others

5. You laugh, smile and enjoy life with them, not sitting on the sidelines

6. But you do watch every sports games from the sidelines and cheer crazy loud

7. Even when you have heaps to do, you will stop everything and help them do a handstand

8. You get them out the door in the morning, dressed, fed and (reasonably) clean

9. You teach them good values in a way they will remember and pass on to their kids

10. You discover a fiercely protective side to your personality that you never knew you had

11. However bizarrely they choose to dress, you walk proudly down the street with them

12. You’ve watched Frozen 2,468 times and still shout ‘yay’ when it starts again

13. You play their music on every car journey, however much it drives you round the bend

14. You feel their highs and lows as if they are your own (only multiplied tenfold)

15. You have an uncontainable urge to cry when you see them in their school play

16. You’re more nervous than you’ve ever been, before their part in above-mentioned school play

17. Sometimes when you cuddle them you can’t let go (or get told off for squeezing too hard)

18. You can tell at a glance if they are tired, wired, happy, sad or anything in-between

19. You’d give them your last chocolate (however much you were looking forward to it)

20. You don’t pretend to be a superwomen, instead you’re just Mum, which is enough

Sally Love

Sally Love

Sally Love is a pseudo single mum author who has been writing about single motherhood for Beanstalk for 6+ years.

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