10 Things your kids will remember about you

10 Things your kids will remember about you | Beanstalk Single Mums

10 Things your kids will remember about you.

Do you ever worry about how your children will remember you when they are all grown-up themselves?  Are you portraying yourself as the person you want them to mirror and respect? Or will you be remembered as a crazy-women who cooks, launders, nags and is obsessed with the occasional lie-in?

The things you kids will remember about you are the things which shape them into the type of adults they become. Your morals, values and the way you handle difficult situations teach them their own future habits.

Besides all those important ethics and life skills it takes to be a good human, when your kids grow up, just what will they remember about you?

10 Things your kids will remember about you

1. Your quirky sayings

I don’t know about you, but there are some weird and wonderful statements which came out of my own parent’s mouths. I am still utterly confused by the saying ‘a wigwam for a goose’s bridal’. And, I was disappointed on many occasions when I heard the line ‘I’m going to see a man about a dog’ .. which devastatingly never resulted in a new puppy. Yet, I am constantly coming out with quirky sayings myself such as the old ‘stop carrying on like a pork chop’. (What does that even mean?) Or, ‘you don’t need sugar on your breakfast, you are already sweet enough’. And, enforcing to them that ‘poor kids overseas have to eat dirt, just be grateful and eat your dinner’.

2. Your musical genius…or lack thereof

You know the songs you blast while cooking dinner and the tunes you sing to in the car? These will be remembered by your little ones in the future, so make your song choices repetitive and your voice as loud and out of tune as possible. Then, there are the songs we all make up to make life a little more interesting. ‘You will, you will…eat it’ to the tune of We Will Rock You. My kids always get the giggles when I sing instead of speak. I know one day they will appreciate the effort it takes to keep up with a beat while maintaining a conversation.

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3. The superhero lift from car to bed

You know the one. I bet some days you wish you could still take a nap in the car and get carried straight to bed.

4. Mama’s kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and the place where your family can share their day and connect with one another. One of the things kids will remember is their favourite meal growing up. Mine was tuna mornay and as easy as it sounds in theory .. I still cannot master it like my mum did.

5. Kids will remember your advice

When your child is facing a conflicting situation, or even if they have one of those awkward questions, your advice may very well just stick with them for life. When you tell your children ‘you don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you do have to be friendly’ it may help them be part of a team with conflicting personalities. Telling them ‘tomorrow is a new day and a new chance’ will teach them it’s never too late to make a change. But, most importantly, by offering your children an ear when they need it, they will always know they can come to you when they need to talk. Regardless of whether they are 5 or 50.

6. Those little white lies

When Christmas comes around and you are tightening the purse strings to afford an Xbox, knowing Santa will get all the credit. Of course, credit comes in the forms of their squeals and smiles, but if you are allowed to tell a white lie about Santa – who is to say you can’t ‘trick’ your kids in other ways. Example. It was a battlefield every night to get my son to brush his teeth and for his own benefit I invented tooth sticks. Paddle pop sticks which ‘know’ whether you have brushed your teeth or not when you put them in your mouth. Teeth brushing = success. When your kids grow up they are sure to contemplate whether such things were real.

Things your kids will remember about you (cont.)

7. Kids will remember time spent together

When you take your kids on holidays you are creating lifelong memories. Many of us can’t always afford to go on trips but there are ways you can still make these memories without leaving your suburb. Some days I tell my kids we are going on a secret adventure, and find a new park to explore or splash around at the beach. Or, going for a walk with them and exploring the neighbourhood while talking about what is on their mind. Even on a rainy day, making time to sit down with a jigsaw puzzle or watching a movie with your children is time spent together. It all comes into the category of the things your kids will remember about you.

8. Your sense of humour

Your children will always remember the silly things you did to make them laugh. Whether intentionally or not. Like that time you accidentally used dishwashing detergent instead of olive oil. Or the time you accidentally walked into your car and chipped a tooth and laughed at yourself. Then there are the times where you write their name on a banana just so you can say ‘there’s a banana there with your name on it’. Your kids might not remember every funny thing you say or do, but they will remember growing up in a house of laughter.

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9. When you aren’t afraid to be embarrassed for them

They will remember the time you rode the rollercoaster with them even though you were scared and screamed like a banshee. They will remember the time you climbed up the play equipment to get them down because they were scared. And, the times you joined in with them and went down the slippery slide. They will remember you dressing up for Halloween and being the host of their birthday parties. They will remember those times you stopped being a grown up and played like a kid.

10. How much you love them

Out of all the things kids remember, the most important is knowing you always loved them. It doesn’t take much, it could be your hugs, the words ‘I love you’ or the way you took care of them when they were sick. Knowing they are loved is one thing they will always cherish.

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