8 Signs that your relationship is really over

8 Signs that your relationship is really over | Beanstalk Single Mums

Signs that your relationship is really over.

Let’s face it relationships are hard work, there are good times and bad times and you constantly have to work at it to keep life exciting.

Over time, you may start to see signs that make you question whether your relationship is going to last. And some of these may indicate your relationship is really over for good.

Here is a list of what to look out for if you feel your relationship is coming to an end.

8 Signs that your relationship is really over


Your gut feeling tells you something isn’t right. You can’t seem to put your finger on it but you’re always feeling as though something is wrong. You don’t feel at ease and every attempt to create happy moments fall flat leaving you feeling dissatisfied with life.


You or your partner are self-sabotaging to escape the reality of unhappiness in the relationship. This may include:

  • Drinking
  • Comfort eating
  • Gambling
  • Taking drugs

If there are no other major stressor in your lives such as work, family, then you need to look at your relationship to conclude whether it is what is causing your discontent with life.


You’re spending less and less time together as a couple. You may have previously enjoyed many joint activities, such as long walks, movies, watching favourite TV shows, chatting for hours, hobbies, weekends away. However, now you either do them alone or prefer group social events.


Your partner’s faults overshadow their good traits and you’re starting to dislike them as a person. Times together are often ending up in arguments, frustration or resentment. This can ultimately cause the bad times to outweigh the good times.


You aren’t communicating and both of you seem very despondent. Your partner use to be the first person you would call whenever you had good news or bad, because they were your best friend or confidante. You may feel neither of you have anything in common to talk about. Even when things annoy you, you don’t bother raising it as an issue anymore as you think:

‘What’s the point.’


When you think of your life ahead you don’t actually see your partner as part of your future. You don’t talk about things you can both look forward to or common goals you both aspire to. You can often think:

‘Is this it? Is this the best life is going to get.’


As time goes by the connection has been lost with no intimacy or affection. You can actually feel more like flatmates than partners.


Your values may be mismatched causing conflict in areas such as:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Work ethic
  • Family

You may wonder if your relationship is really over. If so, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself if you have tried everything possible to make it work.

If you think your relationship is worth saving, try counselling but be aware it takes two of you to want to make it work otherwise it may be time to call it quits and rebuild the life you deserve.

8 Signs that your relationship is really over | Beanstalk Single Mums Pinterest

Cheryl Duffy

Cheryl Duffy

Cheryl Duffy is the author of bestseller “The Divorce Tango”, Certified Divorce coach and founder of The Divorce Centre. After a hellish 8 year Divorce Recovery she now helps others through and beyond divorce so they can accelerate their recovery and rebuild a happy life.

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