6 Questions to ask before choosing your divorce lawyer

Choosing your divorce lawyer

Divorce is never easy, especially when you’re still looking for the right lawyer to back your case. With the help of a professional, you can go through the legal process without a hitch and be guided through every step.

Moreover, plenty of lawyers are out there — from family law with its subspecialties such as custody law, guardianship, international custody law, and even domestic relations. With such a diverse set, you’d undoubtedly have difficulty picking the right lawyer.

So here are the top questions to ask your divorce lawyer and determine whether they are the best for your case.

What Is Your Background Experience?

Although education and qualifications dictate how well a lawyer is educated in the field, experience is the best teacher. You’ll often see their qualifications on their law firm’s websites, but it’s best to ask what case specialty they excel the most in. Are they familiar with family law cases or divorce law? Are they best at dispute resolutions without the involvement of a court?

By asking these questions when choosing a divorce lawyer, you can grasp the scope of how competent and qualified your lawyer is in handling a case similar to yours. You can also make a general assumption about their experiences and negotiation process.

This is the best time to ask whether they are experienced in handling child custody arrangements. You’ll want a professional experience in these cases if this is an issue between you and your spouse.

For example, Loukas Law is the best option for mothers in Australia looking to get the best terms in spousal support. Your and your child’s best interests are always the top priority.

How Will You Handle My Case?

Since you already know what your lawyer does with a similar case, it’s time to ask about your case specifically. You should be open about all the details and information of your case. It would help if you were vocal about your expectations and settlement agreements, which are the terms to which couples agree on their divorce bound by a legal document.

It would help if you reviewed settlement agreements with the lawyer. Knowing about spousal support, child visitation, and property distribution is an excellent choice. Although this may take a long process, it’s always a good idea to be open to your lawyer, ask about these offers, and tell them about your expectations.

How Will You Charge Me?

Divorce can be costly since you’ll take a financial toll with the divorce process and the court ruling per se. So asking about the prices firsthand is a must! With this in mind, you should choose a lawyer that offers a good amount that doesn’t hurt your wallet in the long run. Doing so allows you to meet quality and professional work, all without worrying about the financial costs.

Costs can vary from city to city, so it’s best to ask for a rough estimate. In 2019, the average cost for divorce cases was 12,900 dollars, but this could lessen depending on your location or if alimony was involved.

Not only this, but there are also other miscellaneous costs that you need to ask about, such as forensic accountants, physicians, private investigators, or psychologists. Although these professionals aren’t necessary for all divorce cases, it’s best to ask about them before choosing a divorce lawyer to get a complete view of your financial journey in your divorce as well.

How Will The Negotiation Process Work?

If your lawyer deems that your case would go to trial, it would mean longer and more costly proceedings. With such, it’s best to be on the same page with your lawyer and confirm the best step to go with your case, whether through negotiation or court trials.

It’s better for you to be knowledgeable about the negotiation process per se. Since your lawyer knows about your situation and your expectations and wants, it’s also time to get to know the process and how you can help your lawyer win the case by preparing your emotional strength and legal knowledge.

How Do You Think the Judge Will Rule In My Case?

If your case goes to trial, you can ask your lawyer how a judge is likely to rule your case. It would help if you asked about the laws of your city that may be helpful to your case.

If it applies to your case, you should also ask how courts frequently decide on settlement agreements such as property division, child custody and support, and even spousal support.

Will Anyone Else Work On My Case?

The lawyer you may be talking with may not be the one working on your case.

Ask them immediately if they’ll take on your case or if they’re considering giving it to an attorney in their law firm. It’s also best to ask how the case will be delegated to other lawyers and how much your lawyer will attend to it personally.

Final Thoughts

With these six questions about choosing a divorce lawyer, you’ve already set the subject at hand, the possibilities of proceedings, and the total cost.

Moreover, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down how you want to approach a law firm to get the best services from the best divorce lawyer.

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