How I saved and took my kids to Disneyland

Single mum in Disneyland

25 November 2017

She’s been all over social media with her brilliant (if slightly teary) video telling her three children that they were going to save and they were going to Disneyland.

And to Disneyland they went!

In this podcast Jo Harlow from Mentor Mumma tells us her story about how she made this dream come true and why it was so very important to her.

I tell you ladies, if you need some inspiration to help you work towards your next life goal, you will find it here.

Amongst other things, we chat about:

  • Why it was so important for Jo to make this trip happen
  • How to turn dreams from ‘talk’ to ‘do’
  • The phases in our children’s lives, and how/why to capture them
  • Practical savings tips and advice that really work (she went to Disneyland!!)
  • What lessons our children can learn from working towards such a big goal

Listen here …

How I saved and took my kids to Disneyland | Beanstalk Mums Podcast

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