Secrets to purchasing the right property

Michelle May Property Buyer

Buying a property is a big move, and one you want to get 100% right.

For many of us it is overwhelming. So much so, that we never even attempt it.

It is for this reason that I chat to expert and Buyers Agent, Michelle May to get the lowdown on how to buy the right property for you. And believe me, there is LOTS to consider.

Yet, getting on the property ladder is one of the best financial moves we can make as single mums. This information-packed podcast will encourage and guide you in your home-buying adventure.

Listen to us discuss the do and don’ts of home-buying, including:

  • The advantages of purchasing a property as a single mother
  • The importance of foresight when buying a family home
  • Whether to buy with our hearts or our heads, or both
  • Keys things to look for to know if our dream home is also a good investment
  • The biggest mistakes we can make and how to avoid them
  • Whether to use a mortgage broker, and who else we should engage to guide us

Listen here …

Secrets to purchasing the right property | Beanstalk Mums Podcast

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