Help your kids want less and be more grateful this Christmas

Grateful kids this Christmas

It’s the same every Christmas … present overload. To the point where it’s too much for our kids to take in. After all, there is only so much time to open and actually appreciate each gift.

The end result is that our children expect a lot, and don’t always understand how lucky they are.

For this reason, I had a great chat with Jane McLeod from EcoToy Hire. She is all about wooden, non-toxic toys, and has some brilliant tips to help our kids want less and be more grateful this Christmas.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How the modern-day Christmas revolves around money and mountains of gifts.
  • How we can ‘reign it back in’ at Christmas (yes, it is possible).
  • Why and how to encourage our children to be more grateful.
  • What lessons can we teach our children around Christmas time.
  • And the best bit! Toy rotation. The benefits and how it works.

Listen here …

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