Healthy habits to help your kids manage sweets and treats

One of the reasons why kids absolutely love sweet treats is because they actually have more tastebuds than an adult does. It makes perfect sense then that kids will adore these items, because even us tasteless adults have a sweet tooth. Having kids however who take their sweet tooth too far is of course troubling and there are some very clear health risks, even at such a young age, with all of that sugar and chemicals which they are ingesting.  

If you do have kids who have something of an addiction to this kind of thing, then it is important that you step in early and manage it in the right way. Any desire like this which goes into overdrive is one which needs to be properly managed, in order for your kids to have the tools to manage their food intake, and have a healthy attitude towards it. Here are some tips which you can try, to get your kids to approach sweets and treats in a different way.



The first place to start is always education, you have actually tell your kids why they can’t go crazy with goodies. Simply saying no all of the time will not help them and it will only create a greater desire for the thing which you are telling them that they cannot have. Sit down with the kids and explain the dangers of refined sugar, show them some bad teeth pictures and you can guarantee that they will begin to picture this when they chomp into their next treat.

Eating Together

It is always a good idea to change your eating times so that you are enjoying your meals when the kids do, at least your evening meal. Eating together is not the only challenge however because what you should also be looking to do is eat what you want them to eat. Kids are so impressionable and they will often follow in your example, perhaps not first time but eventually they will. And so this is why eating with them and avoiding sweet stuff when you eat, may also help them.  

The Habit of Saying Yes 

Something which I have started to do with my kids is allow them a treat per day, and buying 7 treats at the beginning of the week and allowing them to manage it. Our recent favourite is to visit The Lolli Shop on a Sunday and buy 7 lollies for the week. After this I will give each child their 7 treats and they must then be disciplined. The first time of course they had all consumed the lot by Wednesday, yet I stayed strong and they spent the rest of the week treatless. Now they manage it very well indeed and through me saying yes instead of no, they have really improved in their attitude.

No More Bribery

I have certainly been guilty in the past of bribing the kids with treats if they behave well or if they carry out a certain job. This I have realized only adds more value to the treat which therefore makes it more desirable to kids. And so I do still bribe them, as any self-respecting parent would, yet I will use other forms of incentive which are not sweets and treats. Ultimately this is what it is all about, stripping away the value of the sweet so that it is less wanted.

Break The Routine 

Even when you are giving your kids sweets and treats, it is important not to do so at the same times or it quickly becomes a routine which they are then looking forward to. For example having something sweet after dinner, even as adults we know that this is when we eat the sweet thing, yet we don’t do so after every meal, or most don’t. And so be sure to mix up when you are giving your kids such items and this can help you to break that thought process which they have, of when they will have something sweet and tasty. This will greatly improve their general attitude towards treats.

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Try out these tips and let me know which one works best for your kids, good luck!

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