CBD oil for dogs with cancer

This oil has so many uses one of them being a treatment of cancer symptoms in dogs. Administering CBD to your pet is also straightforward. You can choose to add it into their favorite meal or use a dropper directly into their mouth.

Nonetheless, it might take a few days before you start seeing signs of improvement depending on the type of cancer. Experts’ advice on the importance of being patient and persistent during this period.

Once the treatment starts kicking in, your pup might start experiencing pain and you may notice a positive change in their appetite. For legit products, you can try getting your CBD from holistapet as they are known to have great products.

Before we look at ways in which the oil supports cancer treatment, let’s look at the various types and common signs of cancer in dogs.

What Kind of Cancer Can Dogs Get?

Just like humans, pets suffer from multiple forms of cancer with each form having different symptoms.

Lymphoma, also known as cancer of the lymph nodes, is the most popular one among dogs. Its main symptoms are fever, dehydration, anorexia, and general body weakness.

Other types of cancer in dogs include brain cancer, liver cancer, lipoma, melanoma, lung cancer, Osteosarcoma, mammary gland carcinomas among others.

Additionally, canines have a higher rate of getting cancer than most humans, especially the elderly ones. Research shows that at least 50% of dogs aged 10 and above suffer from cancer. Here are some of the most common signs of cancer in pups.

Common Signs of Cancer in Dogs

If your dog has been unusually inactive or tired lately, then it’s time you made that appointment with the vet. This could be an early sign of cancer.

You should also check for other signs like drastic weight loss, nausea, loss of appetite, weird lumps, skin lesions that take time to heal, pain when defecating or urinating, and persistent diarrhea.

While most of these signs are easy to spot, others might require testing to identify. Ask your vet to run biopsies or imaging tests on your dog to check if it has cancer.

CBD oil has proven to be the most effective and safest way of alleviating cancer symptoms. This is how it works:

Enhance immune function

CBD oil enhances the production of white blood cells in the body, an important process that helps boost the immune response. It also plays a significant role in mitigating oxidative stress, responsible for various health disorders including the growth of cancer and tumor cells.

Moreover, the interaction between the endocannabidiol system and the immune system creates a complex immunocannabinoid system that helps strengthen the body’s ability to fight diseases.

Similarly, cannabinoids are known to promote a healthy gut function, which is also linked to increased immunity.  See this link to read about some few advantages of CBD to dogs https://moderndogmagazine.com/articles/dogdream-cbd-and-benefits-cbd-oil-dogs/124769#:~:text=Well%2C%20it%20reduces%20anxiety%2C%20seizures,glaucoma%2C%20sleeplessness%2C%20and%20more.

Slows down the growth of tumors and cancer cells

There is conclusive evidence showing CBD and THC’s ability to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors in both humans and pets.

Another recent study demonstrates CBD’s effectiveness in enhancing the tumor-shrinking process during radiation therapy. Cancer treatment can be a harsh experience and most patients end up losing their life from the adverse side effects.

Luckily, CBD can help manage these side effects and increase the survival rate of your pet. Moreover, CBD oil reduces the overall tumor volume without affecting surrounding healthy cells making it safe for consumption.

Alleviates cancer-related pain and inflammation

Chronic pain is one of the most popular side effects of cancer. Cancer feeds and attacks tissues of the affected organ causing severe pain to the victim.

It can also cause throbbing pain by triggering inflammatory reactions and damaging nerve cells. Increased tumor growth, on the other hand, may press on the surrounding tissue leading to discomfort.

Cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation may cause oxidative damages to the nerve cells, a major cause of chronic Pin. Research describes CBD oil as a natural anti-inflammatory drug capable of eliminating chronic pain and other cancer-related symptoms.



Improves appetite

One of the most common side effects of Chemotherapy treatment is nausea and vomiting. These side effects can affect your pet’s appetite and lead to anorexia.

Oncologists advise pet owners to include cannabis-based medicine as a part of the cancer treatment program to inhibit nausea and improve appetite. In fact, CBD oil is known to improve gut functions by regulating metabolism and improving overall gut health.

The interactions between CBD and the endocannabinoid receptors help stimulates the production of various digestive enzymes and transmitters maintaining a good environment in the digestive system.

Improves sleep

Although CBD plays an important role as a waking agent, it can help promote your dog’s sleeping pattern by keeping it awake during the day so that it can sleep well at night.

Besides, the endocannabinoid system helps in maintaining homeostasis in the body which is also connected to mitigating insomnia.

All in all, the ultimate purpose of using CBD oil on your dog is to improve the quality of your dog’s life as it strives to bit cancer. Click here to read more.

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CBD oil might not be a direct cure for cancer, but it may effectively reduce the growth of tumors and cancer cells. Another recent study shows that it may also help mitigate adverse side effects of chemotherapy including nausea, headaches, lack of appetite vomiting, and fatigue. However, before you decide to include Cannabidiol products as a part of your pet’s diet, we recommend you consult with your vet. CBD oil might not interact well with some medications or your dog might be having other underlying issues and this could worsen the symptoms. 

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