A weekend with children in the woods: What essentials to take

A weekend with children in the woods | Beanstalk Mums

Camping is an excellent way to spend time with family, enjoy the nature around, and just get united with the surrounding beauty. This is a top choice for extended families, where parents are tired of routine responsibilities, while children have too much unspent energy. However, it may also take some time and effort to get ready for a quality camping experience. Therefore, check out the list of essentials that will help your family not only survive but enjoy the fantastic weekend in the woods.

Tent or Shelter

Traveling with children, you need to take maximum care of their comfort and safety. Start planning your camping tour in advance, so that you take into account every little detail and specification.

When it comes to a place to stay at night, tent and shelter are the best options to choose from. There is always an opportunity to rent an RV and enjoy the luxurious camping. However, some campgrounds do not allow RVs on their territory, so a tent is the only option available. Darche roof top tent is one of the most quality solutions, as it is easy to set up and pack it back. Your children will be happy to help you with the tent so that it may become an extra entertainment for the whole family. Besides, it is surely the leading way to guarantee the maximum comfort of your experience.

Sleeping Bag

If you choose a car top roof tent, you do not obligatorily need to have a sleeping back, while it is essential for people who have a more traditional type of camping. Sleeping bags are beneficial, as they are portable, lightweight, small, and comfortable. You can always take your air mattress to add some comfort, but only in case, you have enough space for it in your car.


While you will have much fun during the day, roaming around and investigating the surrounding beauties, you will need to have quality rest and relaxation at night. Those people who are usually cold and uncomfortable without a blanket, a light one is inevitable. In addition, you can also take a small pillow that will help you regain strength and energy for the next day.


Once you stay in the woods for a few days, there is no way you survive without a knife. No matter if you want to cut some food, create a weapon, open packages, start the fire, or set a tent, it is the item you cannot go without. It is perfect if you have a durable fixed blade knife that is safe for children and effective and helpful for parents.

Water Bottle

Well, there is nothing to explain here, as dehydration is one of the most devastating problems you may face. Make sure you take plain water that can be used for drinking, washing things, and other purposes.

Medical Kit

Staying in the woods may be dangerous, especially if you have curious children who want to know and see everything. A first-aid kit is an indispensable option that will help you avoid serious infections. Make sure the kit includes bandages, gloves, alcohol cleaning wipes, and similar supplies. Do not forget about thermometer and fever medications as you travel with kids.


In emergency cases, when you need to repair a tent, build shelter, attach gear to your backpack or perform other things, a quality rope is inevitable.

Signalling Equipment

Safety is one of the most important points you need to mind as you go camping with your family. Once you find yourself in a survival situation, when your phone is dead or without service, signaling equipment will be of great help. Flashlight, signal mirror, whistle, matches, and other types of items may help you deal with the most challenging situations.


It may become an exceptionally advantageous thing if you know how to use it. Compass will not only help you find the right direction out of some place but will also give you an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views of the deep forest. No worries about your way, as you will also keep the right track with a compass.

Extra Clothes

Well, probably you have already put it into your backpack, but check it once again. Make sure you have another pair of dry and clean shoes, pants, and a long sleeve, just in case.

Sunscreen and bug repellent

Your skin should always be protected, so make sure you have a bug repellent spray or ointment for cold evenings and quality sunscreen for sunny days.

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