3 Effortless hacks to make mum life less complicated

3 Effortless hacks to make mum life less complicated | Beanstalk Mums

As you already know, the struggle is real for all the mums out there.

You usually feel overwhelmed – sometimes by guilt when you work too much, sometimes by anger when the kids misbehave when you are out in public.

However, mum life doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster of emotions if you know how to use the strategies we picked out especially for mums. One of them includes finding the time for yourself, so lay on the bed, pour yourself a glass of champagne and read away!


It is important to dedicate some time of the day to relaxation and decompressing. Find a hobby that is going to be your escape from reality for a short period of time. Hit the brakes and think about what would inspire you to become a better person. Besides having a rewarding job and a career that pushes you forward in life, your passion is what makes you more alive. For example, going to the gym is a great source of motivation and running on a treadmill or a heavy bag training will give you more energy for your everyday activities.

Taking some time off is not advice, it is a necessity for every mother or mother-to-be. It doesn’t mean that you’re selfish or that you don’t love your kids, but it is a responsible decision based on the lifestyle that can be truly overwhelming.

Technology to the Rescue

Nowadays, there are numerous gadgets and applications that are easy to use, easy to install  and most importantly, make your life easier. With the aid of these devices, you can organise your life more effectively.

From parenting apps and apps that help you find the closest playground, to apps that help you find new mum friends with whom you can share experiences, exchange tips and tricks and turn to them for advice for every topic you can think of. Making friends is only a click away.

Also, if you are too busy, of course there are apps that serve as reminders. Whether it is your anniversary, a swimming lesson or a soccer practice, they’ve got you covered. All in all, it is not a shame to rely on technology until you have it all sorted out.


Is your job making you happy? It is not easy to opt for a career that meets your needs and pays well. Some mothers prefer low-stress jobs, while others want to prove themselves even more because of their family.

Again, it is perfectly fine to consider a career change if you are constantly experiencing physical or mental stress at your workplace, which can be the case for many working mothers, even though they will hardly admit it. For instance, perfect careers for outgoing persons are teaching, managing or getting a job in the field of psychology. These careers make you feel satisfied and good about yourself after you help others and help them discover what their true passion in life is.

It’s really okay to accept that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Accept the help from you mum or colleague at work who wants to help you around the house and with the kids. When you don’t feel like making a five-course meal for dinner, just don’t. Making dinner in the microwave isn’t the end of the world. You deserve to get some rest and enjoy the family night activities you planned out for the night.

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