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As a senior mediator, I have worked with parents who have been separated for over 12 years. I won the award for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner of the year in 2020 and have been a finalist for Australian Mediator of the year for 3 years in a row and won the excellence award in 2021. I am a qualified coach as well as a mediator and I love working with families because it is so rewarding and I get to make a difference to children, which is what it is all about for me.

I believe that when families work, the world works; and as a separated family you are still a family! I see on a daily basis how children and parents suffer because of the way separation is managed. Often, people go one way or another in the early stages of separation. It is a difficult time but it all works out ok, or the situation escalates very quickly because people get scared and do not know what to do.

I saw my husband go through the family court process and I do not wish for anyone to ever experience that. Everyone is doing their best, but the system is broken and does not serve the parents or children as far as I am concerned. It is there for a reason, but it should be an absolute last resort. That is why I want to work with you to get you through the separation process in a way that works for you and your family and does not land you in the family court system. That can be through doing the coaching program or me being your mediator.

I have established a reputation that I have the ability to create a capacity in people to resolve their conflicts and negotiate effectively, which is why I get to work with amazing people. I work with big companies and small companies and high-profile people who pay me thousands of dollars to coach and train them in conflict resolution, negotiation and communication.

Since the change in the world, I have been thinking about the fact that families really need the service that I have only offered to a small number of clients up to now. When I am the mediator only, it can be too late to make the difference that I want to make. By the time some people come to see me the damage has already been done. I wanted to combine my extensive experience of working with separated people, being a mediator, a coach and trainer all in one and provide peoplewith a clear pathway to have a seamless separation. And so, the seamless separation coaching program was born.

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Free 15 min consultation to see if the seamless separation coaching program is a fit for you or not. I only take on people that are a great fit for the program.

Free 25 min training and checklist on what to do after separation. Go to