Dr Janet Hall

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Dr Janet Hall is a professional with a big heart!

As a success coach, she has the ability to see things as they are and to tell it like it is.

Dr Jan is a Hypnotherapist, Sex Therapist, Parenting and Children’s Therapist, Author and Media Consultant and Speaker. She was a Clinical Psychologist (now retired), for over 40 years.

She specializes in making personalized hypnosis audios using your own name throughout –for both adults and children.

Email me – jan@drjanethall.com.au – and I can make you or your child your very own “I AM AWESOME” audio to listen to every night to be programmed for success!

Jan consults regularly with print media, world web and is a frequent guest on talk-back radio and current affairs shows. Jan was a regular for two years on the Sex Life television program in Australia.

She has written 8 paperback books, including six parenting books and 2 sexual education books. She has also created and produced 52 MP3s on sexual issues, bad habits, general motivation and hypnosis for solving problems and programming success. Her Ebooks and Audios are published on Amazon and Audible as well as her Online Shop: www.drjanethall.com.

Dr Jan’s user-friendly strategies offer practical solutions to sexual and relationship issues so that you can have the love and the sensational sex that you deserve.

Pleasure Power Experts is the collective wisdom and life experience shared intimately by mother/daughter sexperts, Dr Jan and  Ella Hall (Transformational Life Coach, Tantric Practitioner) who are passionate and dedicated to bringing more pleasure into your life by offering you head meets heart (Clinical vs Tantric) online training courses and Podcasts.
A world first!

Dr Jan has a unique ability to encourage people to clarify their situation and solve their own problems with both heart (trusting intuition and feelings) and head (with logical analysis and rational prioritization).

Dr Jan believes that people deserve to feel empowered to be the best they can for the good of all.

Her personal mission is to eliminate the Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia.

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