Why do women make better gamblers than men?

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According to the studies conveyed by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation in Australia, men generally gamble more than women. On top of that, it turned out that men and women gamble differently.

Those differences can go down to 3 main questions:

  1. Why do they gamble (motivation)?
  2. How do they gamble (game choice)?
  3. And how do they deal with potential gambling problems?


The male gamble for a thrill in blood, social interactions, and entertainment; the female — for charity, stress relief, and escaping boredom. Besides, men find motivation in financial prizes. Very often, making a ‘quick and easy’ buck is the reason they get into gambling in the first place and the goal that doesn’t let them stop.

You may probably know that the addiction springs out of the desire to feel the dopamine rushes in the ‘pleasure’ centres of the brain again and again. Getting a reward works as strongly as a thought of a potential reward: that’s why gambling can get dangerously addictive even when a person loses most of the time and hardly ever wins.

Another factor that might be working in women’s favour is a much stronger manifested social disapproval of female gambling compared to the view on male gambling habits.

Game Choice

Men will more often go for skill-based games like Poker and sports betting, while women are more into games of chance: pokies, Bingo, and Raffles…

We all know that women are much more cautious drivers than men: most of them tend to avoid unnecessary risks. Whereas men (on average) are really into speeding, racing, and sometimes aggressive driving. The same pattern can be seen at the gambling tables.


Statistically, men are more prone to addiction than women. Plus, it seems that women’s comparatively expressive nature allows them to seek help and open up about disturbing behaviour more easily.

On the other hand, the information here may not be as accurate and reliable as we would want: the majority of Gamblers Anonymous groups are men. So, it looks like they are the ones who are eventually not ashamed to speak out.

Probably, women have built a wall of silence and have been spending all their energy on maintaining it because of severe social condemnation. A male gambler is a desirable hero, a daredevil, who deserves his spotlight in films and on book pages.

And what happens when a woman says that she struggles with compulsive gambling? Forget the struggle! Just imagine a picture when someone’s sister, grandma, or — God forbid — mother, says that she indulges herself with playing online Poker or pokies from time to time at the Pokiesurf online casino (pokiesurf-casino.online) or any other website. We believe the perception will be remarkably different.

Or maybe women simply don’t stretch the problem out to the extent when it becomes a real issue and deal with it right away. It is not really clear which one it is in this case.

Online gambling

The study has also proven the existence of a very special risk group — elderly women obsessed with playing slot machines. You’ve probably seen episodes with them in popular comedies or some sarcastic sketches. And they are not purely fictional characters: they do exist. The reasons, as always, are psychological. Elderly women get hooked on slot machines because they choose them to be medicine against boredom and loneliness. At that age, these are the two most problematic issues: the children are all adults, the career has ended, and retirement is all they have. Fighting boredom and loneliness is one of the reasons why women might take up gambling.

And yet, statistically, women are doing fine again:

But is it the reality? Some psychologists predict that the popularity of online gambling can prompt a rise in female gambling driven by those very social condemnations we have talked about before. Online gambling gives anyone a possibility to play and stay invisible to others — from the comfort of their armchair, having nothing but a smartphone in hand. And that is the kind of gambling many women used to lack in the past. Now, they have the tool for fighting loneliness and not being judged.

Why are women better at gambling than men?

We hope we have made it clear that by saying ‘better at gambling’ we don’t mean that female brains are more suitable for playing casino games, no. The genders are intellectually equal, and boys and girls can both play badly and excellently. It has turned out to be more about a healthy attitude towards gambling, nurtured by a mix of psychological differences and some social aspects.

So, the statistics have painted us a portrait of an average female gambler who:

  • Is not inclined as much towards great risks — therefore is able to stay in control of the bankroll;
  • Is not motivated as much by money prizes — therefore has lower risks of developing the addiction to dopamine rush over a potential reward (= one of the bio/neuro-logical premises of getting hooked);
  • Is found in anonymous gamblers groups much more rarely (we have talked about the bias of this statement, and only highlight the statistical results here).

Pure numbers show that women are much better at gambling: they are not carried away as easily as men, they don’t depend on money rewards that much and apparently stay in control better. We won’t deny that such an unpleasant thing as social uneven judgment has played a role. All those clouds and silver linings, you know…

When it comes to female gamblers, the most concerning thing has appeared to be a potential addiction to easily accessed online casinos that ensure the maximum level of anonymity and secrecy that many women crave because of social disapproval of such a ‘hobby’.

Statistics have spoken its truth, but we still can’t say for sure how much reality is there.

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